Tuesday 3th October 2023


Skoda is a Czech automobile manufacturer. However, Skoda's history began as a bicycle manufacturer in 1895. Václav Klemen and Václav Laurin, the founders of the company, started manufacturing motorcycles as early as 1899. In 1905 Skoda manufactured the first automobiles and since then Skoda has been one of the oldest companies in this branch. Weakened by the First World War, the merger with a strong industrial partner followed. The company then went uphill, but between 1939 and 1945 Skoda was forced to produce weapon parts, bucket trucks and towing vehicles. After the end of the war, Skoda was nationalized and found back to its roots - automobile manufacture. The Spartak, Octavia and Felicia vehicle models kept Skoda's good standing. The Octavia is still one of the most popular models from the traditional Czech brand. With the passage of time, tuning also became more and more popular among Skoda drivers. The top of the car tuning scene meets at various Skoda meetings. Find out more about the possibilities of tuning a Skoda here.