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Carbonized: Subaru WRX STI with full carbon body!

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Carbonized: Subaru WRX STI with full carbon body!

When we talk about tuning masterpieces, this is the one Subaru WRX STI completely made of carbon not missing. Based on a 2009 model, the WRX STI was transformed into a one-off by its owner, who works in the carbon industry. It all started with a normal WRX STI, bought in 2012 and with around 60.000 miles (around 96.000 km) on the clock. After the vehicle had served as an everyday car for a few years, the owner decided to go by the name carbon_mike is known on Instagram for a radical makeover. The decisive turning point came after one Engine change at approximately 220.000 miles (around 354.000 km). The WRX STI has since transformed from Daily in a "Trailer queen“, which is rich in carbon fiber details.

Subaru WRX STI with full carbon body

The mods start at the front with a completely revised look, including new ones bumper, Splitter and radiator grill – all made from shiny, visible carbon fiber. The renovation is complemented by Tuning headlights and a new one carbon hood, which not only with quick release, but also with additional ones air outlets is equipped. The carbon look continues throughout the entire exterior and also includes roof, Doors, fender, columns and the whole Rear. A striking detail is the massive one rear wing, of course also made of lightweight carbon.

The cabin was also wrapped in carbon

The owner originally started with a carbon hood, carbon fenders and doors, but then decided to replace every part of the body with carbon parts. Other changes include noble Konig rims, a special one rear diffuser and new tail lights. And the upgrades continue inside, where the carbon theme features elements like the dashboard, the Door panels and the Roll cage is continued. The Tuning WRX STI is not only an example of a very special craftsmanship, but also proof of how passion and expertise can transform a “normal” vehicle into a real work of art.

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Carbonized: Subaru WRX STI with full carbon body!

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Carbonized: Subaru WRX STI with full carbon body!
Carbonized: Subaru WRX STI with full carbon body!
Photo credit/source: KING WHEELS USA
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