All-electric 1.000 hp in the Vision AMG show car!

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Showcar Vision AMG Fully electric Mercedes AMG 1

Spectacular proportions characterized by a long wheelbase and accentuated short body overhangs, pronounced shoulders, large wheels, a distinctive spoiler lip at the rear and the star-shaped light signature of the main headlights: the Vision AMG design study makes an emotional statement from every perspective. With this extraordinary show car, Mercedes-AMG is giving a glimpse of the all-electric future of AMG Driving Performance. Under the breathtakingly styled shell of the four-door coupe is the extraordinary and independent AMG.EA platform, which is currently being developed in Affalterbach for all-electric performance models.

Vision AMG show car

“AMG is reinventing itself. As was the case with our founding fathers, there has been a new, very special spirit of optimism in Affalterbach for some time now. The course is clearly set for an electrified future. Our standards are high. Because our customers also expect something special from purely electric models. With the SLS AMG Electric Drive, our own E PERFORMANCE hybrid technology and the first Mercedes EQ derivatives, we have already extensively demonstrated our expertise.

With this study, we are now giving a first glimpse of how we will transfer the AMG DNA into the all-electric future from 2025. With this extraordinary design, Gorden and his team set the visual direction. As AMG, we have always stood for additional emotions, driving fun, driving dynamics, sophisticated aerodynamic features and other technically innovative solutions. And that's what we stand for with our first BEV, developed entirely in Affalterbach. We are developing everything from scratch, from the independent AMG.EA platform to a revolutionary drive technology with which we will take performance electromobility to a new level," says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

“The Vision AMG shows spectacularly what electrification could look like at Mercedes-AMG. We remain consistently true to the brand aesthetics: the extreme proportions of the study create fascination and passion for performance - that's what AMG stands for. The Vision AMG impressively embodies the bipolarity of the brand – the interplay of beauty and the extraordinary. Elements from the future, such as light signatures with the illuminated, digital high-tech radiator grille, also underline the progressive further development of our design language of sensual purity," says Gorden Wagener, Chief Design Officer Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Showcar Vision AMG Fully electric Mercedes AMG 33

“With contrasting modern graphics and radical proportions, the vehicle shows the next step in design, which builds on the VISION EQXX and expands further in the direction of performance luxury. Seamlessly flowing, full surfaces and the monolithic sculpture round off the powerful aesthetics of the Vision AMG. The result is an electric supercar, a style icon that inspires desire – and that is what a luxury sports car is all about.”

Monolithic sculpture and radical proportions

The concept car is characterized by its flowing, full surfaces. The joints have been reduced to a minimum and the rear and side windows are painted in the body color Alubeam silver. This reinforces the overall impression of a monolithic sculpture. The sporty proportions are particularly evident when viewed from the side and are defined by the technical layout: long wheelbase, far forward and strongly inclined A-pillar, short front and slightly longer, aerodynamically optimized rear overhang. The design language of Sensual Purity is clearly expressed and exaggerated in a manner typical of a sports car. The designers achieve this effect with wide flared fenders at the front and the deliberately broad shoulders at the back.

The filigree greenhouse is integrated into the flowing basic form and blends seamlessly into the flat silhouette. The elegantly sloping and laterally tapering roof line flows directly into the rear spoiler. Overall, this creates a visually exciting and aerodynamically advantageous teardrop shape, the basic features of which can also be found in the VISION EQXX. The sensuous surface treatment and the powerfully worked out sculpture stand for the design language typical of Mercedes. The brand-typical demand for the extraordinary is realized through the radical proportions and the sharply cut Shark Nose. The Vision AMG thus impressively underscores the formal bipolarity of the brand with the "Beauty & Extraordinary" star.

Showcar Vision AMG Fully electric Mercedes AMG 35

The sharply slanted spoiler lip at the rear with an active spoiler stretches the side view visually and also improves the aerodynamics. The edge is bordered by a sharply cut light band that allows different light installations. It contrasts effectively with the large, black AMG logo on the rear.

Breathtaking technology for outstanding performance

Showcar Vision AMG Fully electric Mercedes AMG 25

The technology of the Vision AMG takes the spectacular design into account in many ways. All components of the drive train have been developed from scratch: This not only applies to the AMG.EA platform itself, but also to the special high-performance high-voltage battery and the revolutionary drive technology. The powerful heart of the Vision AMG is the innovative axial flow motor, which was developed by the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary YASA. With its compact and lightweight design, it delivers significantly more power than conventional electric motors.

Closed AMG radiator grille with illuminated struts

The AMG-specific radiator grille with vertical struts is retained as a distinguishing feature typical of the brand – although the all-electric drive concept does not require a classic radiator at the front. The high-tech further development of the grille is therefore closed, painted in the vehicle color and fully integrated into the front volume. As a central graphic element, the lighting of the struts and the three-dimensionally deepened outer contour emphasize the futuristic look of the Vision AMG. The brand star is placed prominently on the bonnet - analogous to the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE.

Showcar Vision AMG Fully electric Mercedes AMG 24

Extraordinary light signature with star

The light signature of the main headlights points straight to the future. Three LED elements form a stylized, three-dimensional Mercedes star, which makes the Mercedes and AMG brands immediately recognizable and unmistakable, and not just at night. Both headlights are optically connected. This is ensured by the horizontal strip of light above the radiator cladding, which can be staged with various animations – from a greeting to a permanent light.

Showcar Vision AMG Fully electric Mercedes AMG 29

The round rear lights also show a new and yet familiar light design. Three LED rings placed on the left and three on the right are in tubular tubes. Here, too, small stars indicate the Mercedes brand. In contrast to this is the expressive rear diffuser in deep black.

Reference to Formula 1 through shapes and colors

Further visual details establish the direct link to the successful Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team. These include the silver paintwork with a large-format star pattern over the shoulders and rear wing, functional elements in visible carbon, the aerodynamic design of the 22-inch wheels with aero‑claddings, the AMG logo and Petronas-colored elements on the rocker panels and diffuser.

Showcar Vision AMG Fully electric Mercedes AMG 40

The sporty high-tech seamless design and the breathtaking proportions give the Vision AMG a futuristic character. The 4-door package also makes it clear that the show car is a preview of a functional, all-electric sports car of the future. Despite the battery pack in the vehicle floor between the axles, the study is again significantly flatter than the EQS - and thanks to the ingeniously shaped interior floor it offers comfortable space for four people.

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Showcar Vision AMG gives a glimpse of the all-electric future of Mercedes-AMG
Photo credit: Mercedes-Benz
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