Volvo 240 sedan with Ford V8 supercharged gasoline engine!

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Volvo 240 sedan Ford V8 supercharged gasoline engine Restomod Swap Tuning 33 Volvo 240 sedan with Ford V8 supercharged gasoline engine!

A Volvo 240 is primarily associated with durability, comfort and reliability. Literally made of Swedish steel, the Volvo models from this time earned the reputation of indestructible to be. Volvo drivers also attach great importance to understatement, because such a Swedish tank looks like it was designed with an ax, but avoids any decadence that is associated with a Mercedes-Benz, for example. To this day, the Volvo brand has created a very special image that stands for understatement and luxury far removed from any mainstream. This brand suits every driver, regardless of age or position, and models like that 240er have a big part in it.

Sleeper soda as it is in the book!

Usually tuning is also a foreign word with this model, but exceptions confirm the rule, as is well known. The Icelandic tuner John, whose family name is unfortunately not known to us, built his very special dream Volvo, which we are now introducing to you in more detail. Not too much has been changed on the exterior, apart from the fact that one cats stairs the rear window adorns, and thus massively restricts the view to the rear.

New Rims Of course, the 240 also got on its way, because a little sportiness should also be visible from the outside. The new wheels are named after them Fifteen52 Tarmac and are 17-inch. With their classic five-spoke star layout and silver finish, they reinforce the tame impression of the powerful Volvo. The Alus were on the front axle tire in the format 225/45 R17 raised while on the rear axle Tires in the format 255/40 R17 struggle for traction as soon as the V8 is brought to life. Of course, a new one also had to be landing gear here, and tuner Jóhannes opted for Custom QA1 coil springs on the front axle and GAS coil springs rear, which give the classic Swede a little more depth and thus a more dynamic driving behavior.

By the way, were also Powerstop brake discs and Brake pads from the same manufacturer installed in order to keep the significantly increased performance in check. We think that such a vehicle could not only win the hearts of car fans in Iceland, but would also find many enthusiasts in continental Europe.

Sportiness found its way into the interior!

In order to keep up with the increased performance, that too Interior Trimmed for sportiness. Recaro sports seats as well as a Roll cage at the back shouldn't be missing, but the cage makes the rear bench seat unusable for passengers, which degrades it to a mere luggage rack.

4,6 liter Coyote V8 with supercharging

In the cold and dark winter months on Iceland you can come up with crazy tuning ideas, and so tuner Jóhannes simply transplanted one 4,6 liter Cobra V8 from Ford into his Volvo 240. In addition, he stopped Vortech V-2 Supercharger Move into the engine compartment, and you have a 240 sedan with a special treat under the hood. But that was by no means all the technical modifications to the old Sweden.

Because, among other things, he still has a water-cooled one Intercooler, an electronic injection by Holley, Ford Racing-injectors, one Ethanol sensor from Holley and much more. Incidentally, the power transmission takes place via a Tremec TR-3650 five-speed manual transmission on the rear wheels. A Detroit Truetrac limited slip differential ensures that you bring the power to the asphalt, and also makes the Volvo a perfect drift car. We don't know anything about the power, the torque or the driving performance, but one should cause quite a few surprises and perplexed faces on the road.

Our Summary about this Volvo 240:

A great project that makes us wonder whether the cat stairs on the rear window really have to be! Congratulations to the tuner, who sometimes goes against the current and not with the current! If you feel the same way, then you can look through the picture gallery that we have added to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there will of course be an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply do ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

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Cool box! Volvo 240 sedan with Ford V8 supercharged gasoline engine from Iceland!
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