The blue wonder - VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!

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VW Corrado BBS E50 Engine Swap Tuning 24 The blue wonder VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!

It has almost been forgotten, and in contrast to its predecessors and successors, all of whom were named Scirocco, it is running out VW Corrado a shadowy existence in the VW scene. Even at the time of production, the inexpensive sports coupé could not achieve the hoped-for numbers, so that after seven years of production and only one generation, 1995 was the end for the Wolfsburg compact sports car, which never really won the hearts of the VW fan base. In terms of tuning, too, he was always overshadowed by the Opel Calibra, which was to be found much more frequently in the tuning scene than its competitor from Lower Saxony. But there are also car enthusiasts who enjoy the benefits of a Corrado appreciate, and that's why we're now introducing you to one modified Corrado before making its rounds in Great Britain.

Blue show car with a sporty touch.

In addition to the blue custom paint, which was specially developed for this Corrado, of course the golden ones fall first BBS wheels in the format 8 × 17 inches. The three-part forged wheels are based on the model name E50, and in our opinion go perfectly with the extroverted appearance of the Corrado. A V2 airlift air suspension built in to let the Wolfsburg mutate into an asphalt milling machine. They were also aerodynamic Mirrors installed, and the Rear window wiper has been removed. They were also tailor-made tail lights attached, and the VW emblems and the "Corrado" lettering wurden blackened. Furthermore were Six piston calipers from Tarox as well as two-piece brake discs with a diameter of 300 mm are used to ensure deceleration in keeping with their standing.

VW Corrado BBS E50 Engine Swap Tuning 19 The blue wonder VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!

There's also one at the stern Custom tailgate to be seen with a larger spoiler and black elements, which should provide a sportier look. Other small details are, for example, the color-matched ones Door handles and trimwhich are supposed to protect against parking bumps, but no longer fully serve this purpose. We think the British Scott Chipperfield (Owner) has created a perfect everyday treasure that goes down well at every VW meeting and doesn't have to hide from any modified Golf or Passat.

The interior is also sporty.

The first thing in the interior are the electrically adjustable ones Recaro sports seats that not only look sporty, but also offer a lot of comfort. In addition, a Sport steering wheel Built by Momo with a diameter of 300 mm, which underlines the sporting ambitions of the Wolfsburg. Also found in the trunk Compressor for the Airride chassis, which means that the luggage compartment can hardly be used as such.

VW Corrado BBS E50 Engine Swap Tuning 20 The blue wonder VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!

1,8 turbo conversion with around 305 hp.

The engine stopped one in the Corrado Audi S3 the first generation move in, which by means of a Garrett GT2871R turbocharger to something about 300 PS has been inflated. Furthermore, a Downpipe exhaust system with a 2,5 inch tailpipe installed, and a Intercooler found its way into the sporty coupe. Unfortunately, we don't know anything about the performance, but it should definitely be enough to put a puzzled look on the face of many a sports car driver. But such a show car is not intended for the lawn on the autobahn, because the Corrado is far too good to be carelessly burned.

VW Corrado BBS E50 Engine Swap Tuning 22 The blue wonder VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!

Our conclusion on this VW Corrado:

Great respect from our side UK tuner Scott Chipperfield! In our opinion, the VW is a very successful tuning project, which shows that a 90s sports coupé does not necessarily have to degenerate into a craft booth with fairground tuning, but also contemporary and geschmackvolle can be modified. If you still want to see pictures, we recommend that you click through the picture gallery that we have attached to the article. If we get more information about the changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed of this if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

VW Corrado BBS E50 Engine Swap Tuning 10 The blue wonder VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!


VW Corrado BBS E50 Engine Swap Tuning 30 The blue wonder VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!

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The blue wonder - VW Corrado with +300 PS & Airride!

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