Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION" with 1.010 PS!

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Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION" tuning header

Again and again, storywriter Markus Vreydal gives tuner Wheelsandmore's creations interesting and witty word games. No matter whether Lamborghini Huracan Performante as "Diabolico", an Aventador as "S-Presso" or that "The Ultimateight Project“Based on a McLaren 720S, a distinctive addition is almost always included. And that is also the case with the current project based on the new Audi RS6 C8 Avant. In addition to the nomenclature, which stands for the maximum possible maximum performance, he also uses the attributes of attention and tension. And there is a reason. Because the performance data of the "Attentension" with up to 1.010 hp and breathtakingly beautiful rim creations are an absolute hit. The tuner achieves the increase in performance with a total of 5 performance levels and the V-Max lock is lifted for all!

maximum 1.010 PS & 1.250 NM

Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION" tuning 10

  • Level 1: Classic software optimization for 710PS and 920Nm torque (series 441kW / 600PS and 800Nm torque), price 2.499 EURO, optional (like all other power levels) with two-year additional guarantee on motor and drive
  • Level 2: Stage 1 comes with a flap-controlled exhaust system from Capristo (front and middle silencer replaced / without TÜV), the result is 725 hp and a maximum of 930Nm torque (including assembly: 9.149 EURO)
  • Level 3: There is no need to use the exhaust system, new air duct and new filter housing together with filters (optimized versions, modified intake manifold), the result is 786 hp and 1060 Nm, including TÜV, price 14.900 EURO
  • Level 4: Components from Stage 3 are supplemented by revised turbochargers (series turbos with larger turbine shafts, modified compressor unit, reinforced axial bearings, larger inputs, result 965 hp and 1.250 Nm with TÜV, price 39.900 EURO
  • Level 5: without TÜV, empty pipes from the turbochargers (catalytic converters, gasoline particulate filters, silencers except for the rear silencers are eliminated), power 1010 HP and electronically limited 1250Nm torque, price 49.900 EURO

chic rims are also available

Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION" tuning 4

Audi has now also understood that the sporty driver is more and more concerned with individual options without regard to comfort. The manufacturer therefore offers a beautiful 22 inch footwear for the RS6 ex works. Due to the correspondingly low press-in depths, however, the manufacturer does not invite customers or tuners to purchase alternative rims that match the accessories. Since most customers with an interest in a modified wheel / tire combination are always concerned with the maximum possible widening, in this case wider rims or wheels with almost neutral press-in depths are required.
Wheelsandmore has taken a while compared to some other tuners to construct the perfectly fitting wheels and presents 3 different models, one of them even as a one-piece model.

Designs 6Sporz², FIWE and Atom

Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION" tuning 7

The well-known 6Sporz² and FIWE designs have been expanded with the new “Atom” design. All 3 rim models are either available on both axles with 295/30/22 Continental tires or when using the wider 11,5J rims with 285/30/22 and 335/25/22 tires. All rim designs can be individually made in any color and also front polished using our in-house CNC machine to implement an elegant bi-color effect. And there are also changes to the chassis. As with the predecessor C7, suspension manufacturer KW also has various options for optimizing and lowering the suspension in its range for the current RS6. In addition to a Variant 4 coilover kit, Wheelsandmore also offers adjustable lowering springs. If we receive timely information on further changes, there is of course an update for this report. You will be informed if you simply use ours Feed subscribe to. Have fun watching the pictures and stay true to us!

Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION" tuning 3

(Photos: Wheelsandmore)

Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION" tuning 6

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Wheelsandmore Audi RS6 "@TENTENSION"

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