7 common misconceptions: car insurance!

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insurance electric car e vehicle fire accident 7 common misconceptions: the car insurance!

The biggest misconceptions about car insurance: Are you looking for a new car insurance policy that is not too expensive or offers too few benefits? Then you should definitely get the basic factors that should be considered when choosing a car insurance policy. So that you do not repeat the mistakes that many have made before you, we will count them in the following text seven errors .

Cheaper equals better!

If you think that the cheaper tariffs are the better ones, then you have been wrong. It's actually the other way around. It is not only costs that play a role when choosing an insurance policy, but also the performance that the provider promises. For example Wildlife accidents in the case of underperforming (often cheap) insurance companies, only wild animals (that means: deer, rabbits, foxes, deer, wild boars ...) and other animals such as birds, reptiles, horses, cattle or hedgehogs are not included. Good insurance will also cover accidents involving these types of animals.

Car insurance save costs 7 common misconceptions: the car insurance!

Is it worth a garage?

As many assume, nowadays a garage is unfortunately no longer classified as a criterion for assessing contribution costs. Before you buy or rent a garage, you should therefore work out whether it is still worth it. For someone who is only one anyway Liability insurance owns, a garage will usually not be really profitable. Of course, a garage also offers some protection against theft and the weather, but you also pay the rental costs.

Faltgarage Car Whole Garage Carcover Hail Protection Garage 1 7 common misconceptions: the car insurance!

The amount of the contribution only depends on the type of car and accident-free?

Definitely not! The various insurance companies incorporate more than 50 criteria in order to determine the amount of the insurance contribution. About the residential area. If you live in a village with mountains and lots of curves, the contribution will be more expensive than if you live in the "flat country" with many straight stretches. Even you Job can play a role. In addition, the vehicle is often bought with cheap insurance bound to a workshop. info: The German pays on average 249 Euros per year for motor vehicle liability. Those who have fully comprehensive insurance pay about 314 Euro and those with partial comprehensive insurance about 90 Euro (= in addition to liability insurance).

BMW M3 F80 BBS rims KW suspension 10 7 common misconceptions: the car insurance!

The special right of termination!

The contribution this year is lower than in the previous year, there is no special right of termination anyway - or? This is the opinion of many policyholders, but it is not true because in many cases one Premium increase not recognized at first glance. "How is that?" You ask yourself now. The whole thing can be related to the change to a higher no-claims class (SF class). Because with a cheaper no-claims class, the policyholder pays, with a certain discount on the basic amount, fewer. BUT the damage-free class does not change you automatically pay Learn more. And if you don't recognize that, you don't get the idea of ​​terminating the contract. In addition, you only have four weeks after receiving the message to terminate the policy.

Revocation check purchase contract documents magnifying glass 7 common mistakes: the motor vehicle insurance!

Do other drivers have to be specified?

You should always be careful here! If you lend your car to a friend and they cause an accident, the insurance cover is basically not affected. However, it can happen that the respective insurance company will ask you to pay contributions for the unknown driver at a later date. So Attention! If you lend your car or motor vehicle to someone and they cause an accident, the driver does should not was specified when signing the contract, there may be a penalty an annual fee due.

Driving license Driving license provisions Law 7 common misconceptions: the motor vehicle insurance!

The payment method has no influence?

Whether you pay annually, every six months or even monthly is not important at all, or? Indeed! If you pay your insurance monthly or quarterly, you should definitely switch as soon as possible to an insurance in which you only once a year get an invoice. Because insurers give the most surcharge on a monthly payment method. Anyone who pays their bills annually also pays on least. Fortunately, very few insurers now offer a monthly payment option. Thus, most insurance companies fall out.

Motor vehicle insurance notice deadline 7 common misconceptions: motor vehicle insurance!

Cheap providers equal cheap tariffs?

This is nonsense, because everyone is individually assessed and therefore also everyone gets a different tariff. The keyword in this case is the "Living circumstance". A novice driver receives massive surcharges. Unlike couples who even get discounts. The same thing that applies to a novice driver also applies to students, business people and retirees. It is therefore an advantage to use a comparison calculator for your insurance company to see what is really suitable for you.

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