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Change of insurance: you should avoid these mistakes!

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Porsche accident new car Autobahn 2 Change of insurance: These mistakes should be avoided!

November 30th every motorist can cancel their car insurance in order to switch providers. Unfortunately, mistakes can be made here, resulting in an insurance change can get expensive. Another risk, switching to another provider does not take place at all. It would be even worse if they jeopardized their insurance coverage. Because one thing is certain, the potential for savings can be found here several 100 Euro be. Therefore, mistakes should be avoided at all costs so that nobody stumbles into such a pitfall.

1. Terminate in due time

Auto insurance change: these mistakes should be avoided!

The deadline is important here, which should always be kept in mind when terminating the motor insurance. The decisive factor here is that a termination must be terminated at least 4 weeks before the due date. The main due date is always when the annual premium is due and the new insurance year begins. In most cases, the insurance contracts start on January 1st. For this reason, the 30.11. the deadline to cancel. The insurance company must have received notice of termination by this date, with the Postmark or the acknowledgment by Email / fax. plays an essential role. Of course there are exceptions such as the so-called insurances during the year. Here another date of the main due date applies, whereby this nothing about the notice period changes. This is basically four weeks. Of course, there is also an exception here, for example if the contribution is increased. In this case a Special right of termination granted, whereby the period begins with the day on which the notification of the increase is received by the insured person. This increase will be sent with the annual invoice. This also applies here a period of four weeks.

2. Pay attention to the wording

If there are formal errors in the letter of termination, the termination may be ineffective. The reason for the termination such as the increase in the premium must be listed in the letter will. This comes from the Special Termination Act due to premium increase. If this reason is missing, the insurance can reject the termination if this should take place after November 30.11th. Further information that should be included in the letter is the license plate number as well as the insurance certificate number and the registration number of the car that is to be insured. And of course one in the end Signature of the insurance policy holder!

3. If there is a threat of a downgrade

Cancellation insurance Auto downgrade Change of insurance: These mistakes should be avoided!

If there was already an insurance claim in the current year, the insurance will downgrade you to the no-claims class in the following year. Unfortunately, that doesn't prevent a change of insurance either. And the insurance change even carries the risk that the new provider will downgrade you even further than the old one would have done. Each insurance company has its own Demotion tables. There may even be several levels with a corresponding effect on the no-claims discount. Then you end up paying the new provider even more. And when you compare it, you don't even notice it. The comparison calculator calculates the contribution based on your works No claims class. The surprise only comes with the contribution invoice. So if you have had damage in the current year, you should check the Demotion tables from the new provider. If necessary, call the new provider and have them work out what contribution you will have to pay after the downgrade.

4. Pay the first contribution on time

This is important for a new car insurance, whereby the insurance company specifies the date by when this amount must be paid. There are normally two weeks after the insurance policy has been sent. Only then do you have to pay directly. Otherwise the insurance cover is at risk. If you should forget this, the insurer must point it out and inform you about the possible Loss of insurance coverage to inform. Of course they shouldn't let it get that far. If you are in default with the first payment and there is an accident, the insurance company will first check whether it might not have to pay because of the default. This can of course even be fought in court and is a high risk.

5. Pay attention to important details when making a comparison

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Before changing insurance, of course, everyone makes a comparison, especially the one cheapest price to determine. However, you should not only pay attention to the price, but also on the services. If you don't take a closer look here, you'll be left behind afterwards. In order not to look worse when changing insurance, you should simply view and compare your current contract. So you can be safe here no less benefits to obtain. Pay attention to the differences in detail. If there is damage, there is a risk of paying extra. Example marten: Often times more expensive than immediate damage caused by the marten consequential damages. Unfortunately, not every hull tariff also covers consequential damage. And it can get even more expensive if there are new value compensation payments: If a total write-off happens, then instead of the value of the New value refunded. But only if the accident happens within a certain period of time. Depending on the tariff, this can be 24 months or just 6 months.

6. Do not provide incorrect or incomplete information

If they make a comparison, they can do not change any information. Because that can have fatal consequences, as the new insurer can become more expensive here. Another consequence can be that the insurer rejects your application directly. Then they, or rather their motor vehicle, would be without insurance and they should be no longer drive. To prevent this from happening, always provide complete and correct information. Because you are guaranteed to find good and cheap insurance, even if the information does not contain such nice details. The more precisely you are there, the better the contribution will be. Take a little time to compare so that you always get the best tariff. So always answer the questions the insurance company asks about the calculation of the premium to the best of our knowledge and belief correctly.

Porsche 911 Turbo S “Launch Control Sydney Airport 7 Change of insurance: You should avoid these mistakes!

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