Transfer no-claims class: this must be taken into account!

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Car insurance Compare tuningblog e1591531820941 Transfer no-claims class: It is important to note!

When the Freedom class transfer is clearly regulated. Nevertheless, there are numerous rumors and half-truths surrounding this topic. This is mainly due to the fact that it is not always clear at first glance when and under what circumstances the transfer is possible.

Transfer no-claims class - these requirements must be met

Transfer no claim class Transfer no claim class: This must be observed!

A more valid in Germany Driver's license is one of the most important requirements when it comes to transferring the no-claims class. How exactly the regulations for the validity of the driving license are can be found in the Federal Ministry for traffic and digital infrastructure. A driving license from the member states of the European Union offers the greatest security. It is also important that the Vehicle types match if the no-claims class is to be transferred. So the value can not from cars to trucks transferred or vice versa.

  • The transfer of the no-claims class offers a high cost savings.
  • As a rule, the no-claims class should not can be transferred from a car to a truck.

The insurance companies basically differentiate between three different vehicle groups. You can swap either within the respective vehicle group or from one higher quality to a lower group. This would make it impossible to transfer the value from a car to a truck, but it would be possible to transfer the value from a truck to a car. However, the classification of the groups varies depending on the insurance company. Most of the time, all private cars belong to the same vehicle group.

Transfer of truck passenger car no-claims class: this must be observed

Important: When changing car insurance, the old familiar with the new Vehicle groups are compared. It makes sense to pay attention to that the desired no-claims class is transferredso that they is not lost. This is also important if the no-claims class is on its own after a few years Kids should be transferred. This must also be possible with the respective contract. A transfer of the no-claims class sets should not assume that both parties are customers of the same insurance company.

Still, it should be noted that the transfer final and cannot be withdrawn afterwards. Therefore, it should be carefully considered in advance to whom it will be attributed so that he or she can benefit from it.

Who can the no-claims class be transferred to?

The no-claims class to transfer to one's own children is a very popular variant. That is basically no problem, because in most cases the transfer of the value is between First degree relatives easily possible. This includes the Parents, which own children as well as the respective Spouse. Such a transfer can even be made via Will be determined and regulated. In such a case, as soon as the policyholder dies, the heirs will receive the discount along with the car.

Driving without a driver's license Penalties Police transfer 5 no-claims class: This must be observed!

At relatives second grade however, the regulations are different. They differ depending on the contract and insurance company. If, for example, the no-claims class is to be passed on to the nephew, the insurance company should be asked in advance whether this is even possible. Also, this scheme should be precisely defined in the terms of the contract. Anyone who makes far-reaching considerations in this case should definitely compare the various motor insurance companies in detail Compareto avoid disappointment later.

In theory, it is also possible to assign the no-claims class to a any third person transferred to. However, this is seldom the case, as very few insurance companies approve such a transfer. In the event that such a transfer to a person without Family relationship desirable should be the possibility before the conclusion of the contract be clarified exactly. You can either read the relevant passage in the terms of the contract or seek professional advice from an insurance advisor.

Young people: There is usually a crucial catch here!

Although the no-claims class is also on very young people can be transferred, there is still a catch here. So the amount they can take is only as high as it could theoretically be since they had their driver's license. Who needs his driver's license first seit 5 Jahren owns, can therefore the discount for no claims for 5 years take over, no more. That's why it is not effective isto transfer the no-claims class to someone who has just obtained their driver's license. Instead, wait a couple of years. This procedure is also sensible because, statistically speaking, there are more accidents in the first few years after receiving your driving license. And these would get the discount afterwards reduce or even cancel.

Drugs at the wheel Consequences Driver's license Offense 2 e1591380206423 Transfer no-claims class: It is important to note!

The transfer from a company car to a private car

Also for everyone who has previously been with a company car were on the way, there is a first hurdle to overcome. The no-claims discount can only be transferred to your own car if if the employer agrees. In addition, with large fleets there are seldom discounts that could be carried over. However, there is one here too Exception: When your own no-claims class in the company was brought in, then you are a co-insurer yourself. If this is the case, the discount can be transferred to the private car, without the consent from the employer.

How does the transfer work?

The transfer of the no-claims class is mostly uncomplicated. First should by email or phone be found out whether the transfer can be carried out as desired. If so, the necessary documents can be requested from the insurance company. Nowadays, these documents are usually sent by email, which means there is no long waiting time.

Car insurance save costs Transfer no-claims class: this must be taken into account!

The forms are then filled out and sent back to the insurance company by post or as an e-mail attachment. It is important to all required documents to send - for example a copy of ID, driver's license or death certificate. The processing is usually completed after a few days or weeks. If the insurer doesn't responded within two weeks, it makes sense to ask again whether the documents have been received.

Attention: Certain deadlines also apply to the transfer. For example, if the no-claims class more than seven years remains unused for a long time, then it expires. For Deceased the period is usually 12 months. The exact conditions should be taken from the insurance policy.

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