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Telematics tariffs from insurance companies? What can you!

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Telematics insurance tariff Telematics insurance tariffs? What can you!

Large companies such as ADAC or DEVK now have so-called in the context of motor vehicle insurance Telematics tariffs on offer. A current evaluation is available here, which shows which sums can be saved with the help of the telematics tariffs. Usually the individual driving style of the individual, and the associated freedom from accidents, only the No claims class. If you drive for several years without causing an accident, that makes you special in the form of favorable conditions noticeable. How your driving style looks is not important for this classification - only the number of (can not be ) caused accidents. With the telematics tariffs is the driving style on the other hand decisive. Such tariffs have been around for a number of years and are used by around 500.000 private customers.

Telematics tariffs for insurance companies

Cancellation insurance Auto Downgrade Telematics Insurance tariffs? What can you!

With these tariffs, the driving style is "monitored" with the help of an electrical system (Smartphone app and / or small GPS box in the vehicle). The data that is collected is transmitted to the respective insurance company and based on this data, it is determined whether a discount can be waived or not. This is especially the case when the driver maintains a calm, balanced and anticipatory driving style. As already mentioned, the new in the field of telematics tariffs is ADAC and the DEVK. In general, a total of ten different insurance providers currently offer telematics tariffs. In order to understand how much money can really be saved by using such a tariff, the portal has Verifox published a comparison of different tariffs. According to Verifox, a telematics tariff is definitely worthwhile for those drivers who maintain a balanced driving style. However, attention should not only be paid to the maximum possible savings.

30 percent discount, but a transparent driver?

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Although this could up to 30 percent However, this value can hardly be achieved, since factors that cannot be influenced, such as the time or the type of road, have an impact on the final evaluation. Nevertheless, according to Verifox, such a tariff is relatively cheap on average. The following also applies here: Compare offers and pay attention on the one hand to the price that has to be paid when the contract is concluded and on the other hand to the possible discount. And of course, with a so-called telematics tariff, it should also be remembered that you almost is seamlessly monitored and evaluated. Every trip by the vehicle is recorded and can be traced back to the insurance company. Und: You probably have to pay more if the insurance company doesn't like the driving behavior.

How is the telematics contribution calculated?

The insured collects money for careful driving Points. This results in a Total score. The lower the risk, the higher the score and the cheaper it will be. The criteria used by motor insurers for calculating the score model differ between the individual tariffs and insurers. Important key data are the speed, the braking behavior, the acceleration behavior, the driving behavior in curves and the driving time and location.

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