Harley-Davidson Pan America - Adventure Engine Side Covers

The shapely engine side paneling by Wunderlich Adventure cleverly conceals the view of the left side of the Pan Am engine, which many people find ugly: that is where one normally sees the back of the radiator, the radiator fan, the multitude of cables and lines routed there as well as inner paneling elements. The side panel visually closes the opening and at the same time directs the hot flow of cooling air from the radiator and engine through the integrated flow openings efficiently past the driver's leg - otherwise it would hit the driver's left leg. It combines effective function and integral design because it fits perfectly into the left side of the Harley-Davidson Pan America engine. It is attached in a practical way to existing screwing points.

Item number

  • 90280-002 Wunderlich side panel


  • The shapely engine side panel conceals the view of the left engine side, which many consider unsightly
  • The side panel visually closes this opening and hides the view of the rear of the cooler, the cooling fan and various lines and paneling elements
  • At the same time, the integrated airflow openings direct the engine's hot flow of cooling air past the driver's left leg
  • Easy to mount on existing mounting points
  • Mounting material included

Technical data

  • Material: aluminium, high-quality workmanship, black powder-coated
  • Dimensions
    • Width: 240 mm
    • L: 243 mm
    • Component thickness: 2 mm

Der Preis

  • Wunderlich Adventure offers the engine side fairing for €99,90.

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