Frame paneling with integrated DRYBAG pockets

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Frame covering DRYBAG bags BMW F750 850 GS F850 GS Adventure

The extremely practical set of Wunderlich frame coverings with the matching, integrated DRYBAG bags for the water-cooled GS boxers is extremely popular. The popular extra is now also available for the mid-range GS models F 750/850 GS and F 850 ​​GS Adventure from the BMW specialists in Grafschaft-Ringen! The functional, puristic design is perfectly integrated and completes the appearance of the F 750 and 850 GS models, so that they appear to be cast in one piece.

The frame trim

Frame covering DRYBAG bags BMW F750 850 GS F850 GS Adventure

The two parts of the Wunderlich frame cover close the two side openings of the rear frame with a perfect fit. Thrown up dirt, stone chippings, spray water or spray are effectively caught or diverted before they reach the driver and front passenger. The soiling of the machine is noticeably reduced. The design, which is dynamic due to the grooves, remains unobtrusive and appears unobtrusive and harmonious on the motorcycle. Assembly and disassembly are extremely easy. A custom-fit opening on the left side of the vehicle also allows easy access to the seat lock.

Integrated DRYBAG side pockets

Frame covering DRYBAG bags BMW F750 850 GS F850 GS Adventure

These two functional DRYBAG side bags are tailor-made for the Wunderlich frame panels. They can be securely attached or removed in no time with the internal LOXX quick-release fasteners. The bags are made of perfectly finished CORDURA® 500, which is laminated with a waterproof, durable TPU layer on the inside. All seams and doublings are welded watertight. The cover flap, which also covers the water-repellent and dustproof zips and is secured with two high-quality clips, ensures water resistance. They offer additional space for everything that needs to be to hand when you're on the go, such as tools or bandages. Attachment close to the center of gravity is particularly favorable for neutral handling. Especially in off-road use. Without any impairment of the freedom of movement of driver and passenger.

Frame covering DRYBAG bags BMW F750 850 GS F850 GS Adventure

item number

  • 20801-202 Wunderlich frame paneling with DRYBAG side bags - black

frame trim

  • The frame paneling closes the side frame triangles of the rear right and left
  • A precisely fitting opening also allows easy access to the seat lock
  • Protection of driver and front passenger from blown spray or road dirt
  • Reduces soiling of the machine
  • Coherent, integrated appearance
  • Easy construction

Technical data

  • Material: high-quality PP plastic (thermoplastic plastic)
  • Dimensions
    • L: 510 mm
    • Width: 186 mm
    • Component thickness: 3 mm
  • Color
    • Black

DRYBAG side pockets

  • Ideal, easily accessible extra storage space for everything that needs to be within reach
  • New, puristic shape and design with high recognition value
  • Waterproof, high strength, tough, abrasion resistant, durable
  • Waterproof CORDURA® 500, with an additional permanent TPU coating on the inside
  • Seams and doublings welded watertight
  • Water-repellent and dustproof zippers
  • Equipped to be UV-stable
  • cover flap
  • Thanks to three internal LOXX quick-release fasteners, it can be quickly and securely attached to or removed from the frame cladding
  • Supplied in a set (2 pieces)
  • Full freedom of movement for driver and front passenger
  • Quick access to the contents of the bag
  • Optimal weight distribution close to the vehicle's center of gravity
  • Extremely dimensionally stable even when unfilled, so that buckling and flapping while driving is prevented
  • Handy and ergonomically shaped zipper
  • Low weight

Technical data

  • Material/fabric: CORDURA® 500, high-strength and abrasion-resistant, waterproof and dustproof, additionally coated with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) on the inside, seams and doubling welded waterproof
  • Dimensions
    • L: 300 mm
    • Height: 180 mm
    • Depth: 75mm
  • volume (approx.)
    • 2 liters
  • Color
    • Black

The Wonderful Benefits

  • Wunderlich premium product.
  • Whimsical. Small series. Made by hand
  • Whimsical design. Functional and integrated.
  • 60 days refund policy
  • 5 years warranty

Der Preis

Wunderlich offers the set, consisting of frame cladding and matching drybag side bags for €239,00. Photo credit: Wunderlich

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