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New 125cc with stiff chassis: the Honda Monkey!

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Honda Monkey 2021 6 New 125cc with stiff chassis: the Honda Monkey!

Everyone knows the Monkey; Honda's minibike has enjoyed cult status for decades. The first copies were made in 1961 and were intended for use in the Tama Tech amusement park in Tokyo, as a special attraction for children. The enthusiasm for the funny speedster did not stop at adults either. As a result, Honda launched an approved version of the friendly minibike, which was initially exported to America and Europe from 1963. Chrome tank and 5 inch wheels characterized this early variant with a completely rigid wheel suspension.

Honda Monkey 2021

The popular minibike enchants thanks to its shrunken proportions, fun design and easy rideability. To zoom around with it was a lot of fun. From 1969 larger 8-inch wheels were installed, from 1970 a foldable handlebar upgraded the design because it opened up the smart possibility of being taken in the car trunk as a mobility problem solver.

Thanks to a re-styling, the Monkey really took off with a drop-shaped tank from 1978 - the Americans in particular are discovering the charming runabout as a mobility alternative when they go on excursions with campers and mobile homes. Small and large beginners got to know the Honda in this way. Thanks to the three-speed gearbox and the easy-to-use centrifugal clutch, driving was an appealing and easy-to-learn pleasure - simply turning the throttle was enough to experience the fun of motorized locomotion on two wheels.

Driving a monkey was always easy and great fun too. It is possible that the special charm played a decisive role in the fact that later motorcyclists discovered the fun on two wheels in the first place. Cuddly tires, funny handlebar and tank shapes, low seat height and comfortable single seat - a motorized two-wheeler could hardly be more inviting. The potential to overcome and reduce fear of contact among beginners has always been one of the most intrinsic qualities of the Monkey - and it still works today.

Model overview Honda Monkey!

In 2018, the comeback of the newly launched Honda Monkey caused enthusiasm everywhere. Of course, there is a market for smart bikes with a small stature. So the time was right to start reborn into the 125st century with a displacement of 21 cubic centimeters and the right ingredients.

For the 2022 model year, the Monkey will now receive an engine upgrade, a new five-speed gearbox, a refined chassis set-up, a brand new color and improved equipment with a luggage rack. Objective of the facelift: To support the pleasing charisma and to further improve the suitability for everyday use.

Equipment features Honda Monkey!

  • New air-cooled 125cm3 Motor with 6,9 kW output and 11 Nm torque
  • New five-speed gearbox
  • Meets Euro 5 emissions standard

The Monkey for model year 2022 shines with a new, still air-cooled 124 cm3 SOHC two-valve engine (derived from the MSX Grom), with 50 mm bore, 63,1 mm stroke and 10: 0: 1 compression. The peak output is 9,5 PS (6,9 kW) at 6.750 tours and the maximum torque is 11 Nm at 5.500 rpm.

Honda Monkey 2021 3 New 125cc with stiff chassis: the Honda Monkey!

Driving fun and easy operation are still in the foreground. In order to ensure fewer emissions and Euro 5 conformity, the developers have revised the intake tract for a new airbox, with a new connecting pipe optimizing the air flow. A new catalytic converter, although smaller than the previous model, cleans the emissions more efficiently on the exhaust side. The length of the exhaust manifold has also been modified, while the silencer has been converted from a three-chamber to a single-chamber system in order to further improve the power development in addition to the noise development.

A new five-speed gearbox replaces the previous 4-speed gearbox, which helps reduce engine speeds and makes driving more harmonious at any speed. Small stature, 12-inch wheels and agile handling help the Monkey to control safely not only in city traffic. The pleasant engine character and manual clutch actuation convey an authentic motorcycle feeling. The top speed is 91 km / h, so that easy swimming in traffic is guaranteed.

Honda Monkey 2021 23 New 125cc with stiff chassis: the Honda Monkey!

The monkey engine is pleasingly economical with fuel. Only 1,5 liters per 100 km (measured in WMTC mode) are used. Low-friction technologies such as offset cylinders and roller rocker arms in the valve train make their contribution, as does the PGM-FI fuel injection, which ensures clean and efficient combustion.

Chassis & styling Honda Monkey!

  • Steel frame, USD fork and 12-inch cast light alloy wheels.
  • Stereo shock absorbers with new springs.
  • Now with luggage rack as standard.
  • Weight ready to drive 104 kg, Wheelbase 1.145 mm, seat height 775 mm.
  • Classic monkey styling, timelessly handsome and individual.

A stable steel frame in combination with the upside-down fork and an oval tube rear swing arm ensures safe driving behavior and easy handling. So that driving with the new Monkey is guaranteed to remain problem-free on excursions of all kinds and a lot of driving fun is guaranteed at all times.

The USD fork has 100 mm of travel and a high-quality alumite finish. The shock absorbers on the rear wheel are now equipped with double spring assemblies as well as revised rubber dampers for improved comfort and to prevent bottoming out in the event of heavy use off-road. The rear wheel suspension travel is an impressive 192 mm, the maximum ground clearance 175 mm.

Honda Monkey 2021 12 New 125cc with stiff chassis: the Honda Monkey!

A 220 mm disc brake in the front wheel and a 190 mm disc brake in the rear wheel allow perfectly adjustable, powerful braking deceleration. The single-channel ABS works extremely efficiently thanks to an IMU-controlled rear wheel lift detection despite the short wheelbase. Fat 12-inch wheels with block-tread tires enhance the optics of the problem-free, safe driving behavior. The front wheel is fitted with a 120 / 80-12 65J tire, the rear wheel with 130 / 80-12 69J.

The wheelbase is 1.145 mm, the steering head angle 25 ° and the caster 82 mm. The turning circle measures 1,9 meters. With a full tank, the Monkey 125 weighs just 104 kg. At 775 mm, the seat height is pleasantly moderate, and the lushly upholstered bench offers the best in comfort.

The new Monkey 125 also has a friendly appearance that arouses sympathy and admiration everywhere. Appealing charisma and moderate stature invite young and old admirers to ascend. Easy operation, low weight and problem-free handling help novices of all ages not to be afraid of the threshold in the first place. On the contrary: Hardly any other motorcycle exudes so much desire to simply sit in the saddle and try out locomotion on two wheels.

Honda Monkey 2021 27 New 125cc with stiff chassis: the Honda Monkey!

The equipment of the new Monkey includes a new and practical tubular luggage rack with a load capacity of 3 kg as standard. As in earlier times, beautiful Honda wing logos adorn the 5,6 liter tank, the paint color of which can also be found on the frame, swing arm and damper springs.

The Honda Monkey 125 of the year 2022 is available in three colors:

  • Pearl Glittering Blue (new)
  • Banana Yellow
  • Pearl Nebula Red

Electronics Honda Monkey!

  • Round speedometer with LCD displays.
  • All-round LED lighting technology.
  • IMU-controlled ABS with rear wheel lift detection.
  • Radio key with answer back function.

Modern technical ingredients underline the appearance of the Monkey 125. A round housing accommodates an LCD cockpit display. Tachometer and speedometer, tank content bar display and two trip meters provide information on all the essentials. Headlights, taillights and indicators are equipped with LED technology. The ignition key is equipped with an "answer-back" function that flashes the lighting units at the push of a button, even from a distance. The single-channel ABS of the brake system is also controlled by the IMU electronics to prevent the rear wheel from lifting unintentionally (due to the short wheelbase) during hard braking maneuvers.

Specifications Honda Monkey:

Typeair-cooled, SOHC, four-stroke, 2 valves
capacity124 cm3
Bore x stroke50 x 63.1 mm
Maximum power9,5 PS (6.9 kW) / 6.750 rpm
Max. Torque11 Nm / 5.500 rpm
Engine oil quantity1.1 liter
mixture preparationPGM-FI fuel injection
Tankinhalt5,6 liter
Consumption1,5 liters per 100 km (WMTC measuring mode)
Battery12 volts / 3,5 Ah
ClutchMulti-disc clutch in an oil bath
gear5 gears
TypeBackbone steel frame
Dimensions (LxWxH)1.710 x 755 x 1.030 mm
wheelbase1.145 mm
Steering head angle25 °
trailing82 mm
seat height775 mm
ground clearance175 mm
turning circle1,9 m
Weight with a full tank104 kg
aheadUSD fork, 100 mm travel
behindTwo shock absorbers, 102 mm travel
Front / rear rimsLight alloy cast rims, 10 spokes
Front tire120 / 80-12M / C 65J
Tire behind130 / 80-12M / C 69J
aheadOne disc Ø 220 mm, hydraulically operated, IMU-based ABS
Type rearOne disc, Ø 190 mm, hydraulically operated

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New 125cc with stiff chassis: the Honda Monkey!
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