NEW G SESSANTA: new brake caliper concept from Brembo!

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NEW G SESSANTA brake caliper concept Brembo 1 NEW G SESSANTA: new brake caliper concept from Brembo!

Image credit: Brembo

For the 60th anniversary, the company has developed a concept for future generations that enables innovative color accents through the use of light. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, Brembo presents the new concept "New G Sessanta", which was inspired by the company's first motorcycle brake caliper and expresses the new vision of mobility of the future.


The highlight of the concept is the revolutionary use of LED technology directly on the brake calliper housing. This solution can be adapted to any application and any type of brake caliper and highlights its shape and functionality. It offers the user both an interactive surface and an aesthetic variety that adapts to the respective taste and preferences. With the use of light, Brembo expands its know-how in the use of colors and gives it a new dimension.

NEW G SESSANTA brake caliper concept Brembo 2 NEW G SESSANTA: new brake caliper concept from Brembo!

Brembo “New G Sessanta” is designed as a concept so that it can be individually tailored. While the vehicle is stationary, the desired light color is controlled by wireless technology in order to express a certain mood, underline the style of the vehicle or adapt it to its surroundings. The use of light and color also makes it possible to obtain data and information about the condition of the vehicle and about the brake caliper itself, or even to locate the parked vehicle by emitting an indicator light.

Homage to the first brake caliper

A pioneer in innovations that have shaped the history of high-performance braking systems, Brembo has now developed this brake caliper concept, which goes far beyond conventional technology and design standards and, in its up-to-dateness, speaks the language of the new generations in particular.

The Brembo “New G Sessanta” design pays homage to the company's first brake caliper, which was manufactured for motorcycles in 1972 and whose name pays tribute to its designer. While maintaining the legendary lines of the first model, which was a milestone in history, the concept reinterprets the ribbing with further developed elements. These are made up of dynamic full and empty spaces, which are essential in their straight lines and formal consistency. Just as the first Brembo brake caliper from 1972 set the standard for all subsequent models, Brembo is introducing new functionalities with the "New G Sessanta" concept as part of its strategy of becoming a major solution provider and consolidating its role as a reference company for future generations and solutions for brake calipers.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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