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Wunderlich's smartphone holder for the BMW R 18!

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Wunderlich's smartphone holder for the BMW R 18 1 Wunderlich's smartphone holder for the BMW R 18!

What should I do with my smartphone? What to do with the sat nav? Well, you could say that with great cruisers like the R 18 First Edition and the Classic, it is only logical, in purely stylistic terms, to forego smartphone or GPS mounts. However, for those who also cover long distances, do not like bulging trouser pockets and do not want to risk an unintentionally cracked display, Wunderlich is making an offer that is not only convincing from a pragmatic point of view. One that is so discreet in its restrained manner that it fits perfectly with the style of the BMW R 18!

Smart phone holder

The name: "Equipment carrier universal". It makes it unmistakably clear that Wunderlich has undoubtedly developed a versatile base mount for various smartphones and navigation devices. Smartphones can be securely attached to it in next to no time with the corresponding adapters of the in-house MULTICLAMP system as well as with those of the SP Connect system. For large navigation tools, the Ringen specialists offer the universal navigation mount for all common navigation systems. This is made possible by the extremely compact, cylindrical holder with a length of 59 mm and a diameter of 13 mm.

Wunderlich's smartphone holder for the BMW R 18 2 Wunderlich's smartphone holder for the BMW R 18!

for navigation devices or smartphones

Regardless of whether the universal device carrier is used for the navigation device or the smartphone, it positions the device in front of the handlebar clamp in a convenient, ergonomic and ergonomic way. The device holder itself is securely screwed to the handlebar clamp. It consists of high-quality, durable, black powder-coated stainless steel. The equipment carrier therefore enables relaxed and safe driving and navigation on the BMW R 18. If you do not use it for your smartphone or navigation system, it remains discreetly in the background. Wunderlich produces the functionally integrated fastening system "Made in Germany" and offers it for € 59,90. A 5 year guarantee is included.

Wunderlich's smartphone holder for the BMW R 18 4 Wunderlich's smartphone holder for the BMW R 18!

At a glance:

  • Item:
    18900-000 - Wunderlich universal equipment carrier for the BMW R 18 - black
  • Recommended accessories
    The following systems can be attached to the Wunderlich "Universal device carrier":
    • Wunderlich's in-house MULTICLAMP adapter (item no .: 45155-402) in conjunction with
    the MULTICLAMP smartphone holder (item no .: 45155-102)
    • SP Connect smartphone system mirror bundle (item no .: 45151-0) in connection with
    the SP Connect phone case (or universal interface) (item no .: 45150-0)
    • Universal navigation system (item no .: 21098-000)
  • Important note:
    Wunderlich's “Universal Tool Holders” are available for almost all BMW model series
    In addition to the described "Universal equipment carrier" for the BMW R 18, Wunderlich offers a large model-specific selection for almost all BMW model series.
    You can find an overview of the selection here.
  • feature
    • Compatible with almost all common fastening systems
    • Optimal positioning in terms of operating and visual ergonomics
    • Ensures relaxed and safe driving
    • Simple and safe installation on the original handlebar clamp
  • Specifications
    • Material: stainless steel components, high quality, precise workmanship, black powder coating
    • Fixing dimensions of the device holder: length 59 mm, Ø 13 mm
  • Features
    • Whimsical design. Functional and integrated.
    • Made by Wunderlich
    • Made in Europe
    • 60 days right of return
    • 5 years warranty

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