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The first motorcycle: tips for beginners!

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The first motorcycle: tips for beginners!

Motorbike driver's license achieved! Now the question arises, which motorcycle suits me? A question that everyone has to answer for themselves, because there are countless types of motorcycles. From custom style to chopper and enduro to athletes. In Germany alone there are more than 210 different models to buy. Another question naturally arises: How big is the budget that you have available to be able to buy the first motorcycle?

Purchase of the first motorcycle

The first motorcycle: tips for beginners!

Motorcycling is a way of life! That's exactly why a motorcycle purchase is usually emotionally shaped, but this is also often the case zu schnell accomplished. It is always wrong to buy the first motorcycle that comes along. The most important thing is that you comfortable on the bike. But you shouldn't overestimate yourself, because for a beginner driver it doesn't have to be a 250 to 300 kilogram heavy horsepower monster. And when buying a motorcycle there is one test drive a must. This is the only way to determine whether the bike suits you and how you can get on with it. The best way to test how well the dream bike suits you is to take a test drive in an empty parking lot. Tight corners can be taken there and you can try out how the bike reacts when braking. The perfect motorcycle must fit the rider's height. It must not be too big. When sitting, you should be able to get your feet on the floor comfortably, not just your toes. Your arms should also loosely grip the handlebars when sitting.

Which model should it be - from enduro to super sports bike

In order to find the right bike for you, you inevitably have to ask yourself how it will mainly be used in everyday life. Should it off-road excursions, long tours on the motorway or regularly driving through serpentines in the mountains? The answers to these questions will determine which type of motorcycle is the best choice for you. Enduro, chopper or super sports bike? It is important that you feel comfortable on the motorcycle, otherwise the driving pleasure will suffer sooner or later. However, you shouldn't focus too much on one specific category, since the boundaries between the individual motorcycle types are now blurred. As a beginner, safety also comes into play. It doesn't have to be a 300-kilogram motorcycle with 200 hp to begin with. High-performance motorbikes are not recommended for beginners anyway, since novice riders will have very little fun on these hard-to-control powerhouses in the long run. With 80 hp you can already have a lot of fun!

Buying used from a dealer or from a private seller?

Novice drivers in particular often lack the money to buy a new motorcycle. Used machines are therefore an excellent alternative. And a used bike is usually also recommended, because the first motorcycle has to be mastered properly. In addition, it doesn't hurt that much when the bike gets a few scratches and dents due to inexperience. Especially as a beginner, it happens quite quickly that the machine falls over at first. And a used motorcycle doesn't lose nearly as much value as a new one. Allerdings: Damage to certain parts can make a motorcycle dangerous. And as a beginner, damage to the bike can be difficult to assess. You should consider that! Also, beginners are mostly not so well-versed in terms of wearing parts and other technical conditions. That is why it is advisable to have a used motorcycle at a dealer to buy. With a used bike, you can ask the dealer about the history. Is it accident free? Who was the previous owner? How did he treat the bike? Whether used or new, buying from a trusted dealer is rarely a disadvantage. And in contrast to the private seller, the dealer cannot exclude the guarantee. So if something is defective on the bike, you have more options in terms of repairs or exchange.

The first motorcycle: tips for beginners!

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