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Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

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We recently had the opportunity to extensively try out a brand new pocket-sized OBD dongle from the manufacturer TopDon. And of course we don't want to withhold our experiences from you and have therefore tried the whole thing out in a short video and in this blog post. Below is a brief introduction and basic functions of the Topton TopScan OBD2 scanner! The TopScan from TOPDON is a compact, innovative diagnostic tool that essentially transforms the smartphone into a diagnostic device. It is suitable for DIY enthusiasts as well as most professional mechanics. With the ability, Not only to read error codes, but also to delete them directly, he supports over 70 vehicle brands from America, Asia and Europe.

Topton TopScan OBD2 scanner

Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

The Topton TopScan OBD2 scanner uses Bluetooth 5.0 for a range of up to 10 meters and is compatible with Android 7.0/iOS 10.0 or higher. It just weighs 78 grams and includes support in 10 languages, including English, German and French. The TopScan enables one complete diagnosis from the vehicle, for numerous systems, including important things such as the engine, the transmission or the airbag system. There is even an extensive one included DTC Repair Guide, which guides the user through diagnostic processes and includes trouble code definitions for all systems. A particularly cool feature for us was this bidirectional control, which allows specific vehicle subsystems and components to be controlled. This makes locating and analyzing faulty parts much easier.

TopScan works using OBD2 data access

Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

The TopScan scanner serves as an OBD2 code reader and guides all 10 modes of OBD2 test for free through, which enables access to important vehicle information. It also supports functions such as a Live data display and I/M status monitoring. The one already mentioned Repair database TopScan includes a comprehensive maintenance knowledge base, ideal for beginners who want to quickly become familiar with vehicle diagnostics. The device also has eight commonly used reset functions, including for the oil reset, the throttle valve adaptation and a reset for the electronic parking brake (EPB reset).

Optionals Key programming

Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

A rather unusual but still very practical function is the optional tool Key programming, which offers functions such as learning the key and the remote control for over 40 manufacturers enabled. The TopScan can do many more things Diagnostic reports for systems, generate error codes and data streams. And he can too Measure vehicle performance teststo measure acceleration precisely. With the one-click function for the Emissions testing and the possibility of that Engine volume efficiency TopScan is a versatile tool for various diagnostic tasks.

User-friendly app

The TopScan app The Topton TopScan OBD2 scanner features a user-friendly interface and is easy to use Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet connect to. According to the website, over 1000s of DIY users and professional mechanics tested the TopScan as part of TOPDON's Testlight program and were 95% satisfied with the product. They particularly praised the complete vehicle diagnostics, the live data, the reset functions, the special functions and the bi-directional controls.

Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

Our test of the device:

The video is at the beginning of the post. The compact and handy design that Topton has chosen is striking at first glance. Our experiences with various other OBD2 scanners have shown us that the TopScan stands out in many ways. The packaging of the device is clean, which already leaves a positive first impression. Even if the enclosed instructions are not available in German, the pictures make understanding much easier. Putting the scanner into operation is uncomplicated: First, the associated app must be downloaded onto the smartphone. The scanner itself is then used via the OBD2 socket of the vehicle connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. A quick registration in the app and you're ready to go.

Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

The functionality of the TopScan is impressive: in addition to standard diagnostic functions like that Oil service there was also access to Repair instructions and technical information. We particularly liked the function on the topic Battery Management and the control of the electronic parking brake. Reading and deleting error codes also worked on ours Alpina B5 BiTurbo flawless, and the detailed live data on various vehicle systems is a great help for any diagnosis. Not forgetting the ability to create and save reports - a feature that is particularly interesting for professional users. The variety of models available and the level of detail of the information about the respective errors was impressive.

With a price of around 80 EUR The device is in the middle price segment. Given the extensive functions and easy handling, the price-performance ratio can be rated as very good. Our conclusion: The Topton TopScan OBD2 scanner is convincing across the board. It provides extensive functions, enables user-friendly handling and an excellent price-performance ratio. It is suitable for both private use and professional applications and is a valuable addition for anyone who wants to carry out vehicle diagnostics themselves.

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Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

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Our test report of the TopScan diagnostic tool for the vehicle!

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