Vantrue N4 Dashcam in the test - what can the three-eye do?


A few days ago we received the VANTRUE N4 3 Lens Dashcam from the manufacturer Vantrue, which we of course tried out right away. The cam features a 1440P cam for filming in the vehicle and two 1080P cameras for a view into the cabin and behind the car. The N4 has built in an advanced chip and a Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, which are sufficient to ensure simultaneous recordings with resolutions of up to 1440P + 1080P + 1080P in all three directions. The front camera supports up to 2592x 1520P and the double recording enables up to 1440 + 1080P. With the help of so-called WDR technology, a crystal clear field of vision is made possible. And there is also a so-called parking mode.

compact dimensions of the Vantrue N4

Here the 3 cameras record automatically when the front or rear camera detects movements. If the memory card is full, the N4 automatically overwrites old videos and supports max. 256 GB. However, the speed of the SD card must be U3 or higher. Usually this applies to most memory cards. The dashcam is officially available in Germany and currently costs € 229,99 on Amazon. The additional GPS antenna (not included with us) can also be ordered there.

we tried them

installation: The laying of the cable for the rear view camera was surprisingly very quick. The cable runs above the side airbag in the headliner (VW Phaeton) and is long enough and easy to hide in any case. The position of the front dashcam can also be determined quickly and the camera is bomb-proof using the hardware kit (large suction cup). Everything you need is included in the package. So that you can edit the three recordings of the cameras, you should download the Vantrue Player. If not you just have three individual videos, which can be a bit annoying.

Advantages and disadvantages of the N4

  • high quality workmanship / great design
  • many settings
  • long cables and all
    important fastening options are included
  • good image quality from all cameras
  • no wobbles due to the good mount
  • Cam starts very quickly (approx. 2 seconds)
  • additional tools
  • no app for video download
  • no built-in battery
  • preselected settings of the
    Cam positions for the screen are not saved
  • GPS module / hardware kit (including
    for parking monitoring) costs extra
  • unsightly cable routing to the dash cam
  • Controls placed inappropriately
  • no WLAN
  • SD card difficult to remove

And finally ... If you register, you receive an 18-month guarantee. The Vantrue N4 dashcam is easy to install and intuitive to use. However, if the camera is installed as close as possible to the interior mirror, operation is only possible blindly, as the buttons are no longer visible. All 3 cameras deliver good video quality during the day and usable quality at night. All parts and accessories are of decent quality. Everything is professionally packaged and the manual provided leaves hardly any questions. Without the Vantrue Hardware Kit, however, the parking function cannot be used and the GPS is not included in the basic model. In addition, the 2 cables that are necessary for the function with the rear view camera interfere. This could have been remedied with a 2 to 1 adapter. A good device that, however, has to accept a few points of criticism.

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Vantrue N4 Dashcam in the test - what can the three-eye do?

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