Monday April 12, 2021


Sell ​​a car? Then remove chip tuning first

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There is no more efficient way to increase the performance of the car than with chip tuning. The Chiptuning advantages but also disadvantages we have already explained. A noteworthy one Added value through chip tuning can almost be ruled out. On the contrary, if you want to buy a used car, you usually make sure that the car is as original as possible. Why? Because in a car with chip tuning, the engine and many accessories are sometimes exposed to up to 40% higher loads, it goes without saying that this fact is not beneficial for the affected components. From an "economic" point of view, we therefore recommend chip tuning before sale to remove.

Verivox tuningblog Kredit 12 PKW verkaufen? Dann vorher Chiptuning entfernen

go PKW verkaufen? Dann vorher Chiptuning entfernen

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