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More stability with a strut brace / strut braces

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Carbon strut strut strut BMW M Performance More stability with a strut strut strut bridge

The best types of power modifications are those that are simple and inexpensive. Of course, the easiest way is to invest a lot of money in the vehicle and get more horsepower out of the engine. Another and often more effective way is to try to improve handling and make better use of existing horsepower. There are many possibilities here: The replacement of the series springs by Lowering springs and the installation strong shock absorber, Here the handling improves at high speeds in the bends and the car has a good grip (traction). Another option is the installation of a strut brace / strut brace.

Strut strut bridge rear strut More stability with a strut strut bridge
Strut bar Rear strut bar

Strut bar front and rear possible

One of the best decisions you can make would be to install front and rear support braces (strut braces). What are support struts? Simply put, a simple metal rod is bolted to the top of two opposing struts for better stability. A strut bar is a retrofit car suspension accessory that is usually connected to the MacPherson strut on a monocoque chassis to provide additional rigidity between the struts. The McPherson strut suspension is standard on most modern automobiles, especially the economical or compact models. Since the suspension is directly connected to the body, some bending is to be expected. A car's door legs usually deform during a hard cornering or when hitting a bump, some say 10 to 15 millimeters. This bending can result in loss of traction and change steering geometry as the body flexes. The strut brace encloses the upper part of the MacPherson strut suspension and forms a complete circle to prevent undesired suspension deflection.

the use in everyday life

The reason why not every car is equipped with a strut bridge is because most vehicles are built economically. Not so much horsepower is needed for normal road traffic. So what should an 58 PS Opel Corsa with a strut brace front and rear? For the few who want to push their cars to the limits on a race track or drive spiritedly on the open road, a suspension strut bridge is a simple modification that can bring a noticeable improvement in driving behavior. High-performance and very expensive strut bars are made of carbon fiber composites. This material has an extreme hardness and is particularly light. Carbon strut braces / strut braces are currently delivering the best handling and traction on the road - especially on bends.

Carbon strut strut bridge tuning More stability with a strut strut bridge

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