Eye-catcher: Suicide Doors - do they still exist?

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Suicide Doors Doing Suicide Doors: Suicide Doors Do They Still Exist?

The so-called suicide doors are for many car connoisseurs a relic of bygone times with a few exceptions. Even today cars are still made ex works with the special doors, but the number is limited to a few models. Even in the tuning scene, the word suicide door occasionally falls. In some iconic tuning cars, the door hinged to the B-pillar is still used today. Due to the fact that the door is hinged to the B-pillar, it opens thus backwards and thus gets its characteristic appearance.

Rolls Royce Dawn Forest Bodykit Forgiato Wheels 8 Eye catcher: Suicide Doors are there still?

The story of the suicide door

In the past, the suicide door was firmly anchored in the automotive industry and very popular. It was and is considered very convenient to open and promotes natural movement when getting out of the car. For example, one had Ford Vedette or a BMW 501 about the special shape of the doors. The origin of the term is unclear. He probably comes from the suicidal risk of closing the door during the ride, as it creates a strong suction when it is jerked open. However, no cases are known in which inmates have committed suicide. The danger of a suicide door (Portaltür) was also given without action of the inmates.

In Germany, these doors were then prohibited 1961. At that time, there were no safety belts in the cars, nor automatic door locks while driving, so the danger of the doors was simply too big. It was only after the turn of the millennium that the rear-hinged doors found their way back into the automotive industry. They are now known in particular by the luxury cars of the manufacturer Rolls-Royce, which equip each of their models with these doors. Other manufacturers have been using this type of car door every now and then.

Fiat Multipla 1960 Tuning Eye-catcher: Suicide Doors are there still?
Opposed doors in the Fiat Multipla I

Retrofitting suicide doors - is it worth it?

However, the vast majority of registered new cars continue to be produced with the conventional front-hinged doors. This raises the question of whether these doors can also be retrofitted. It should be said that with the reintroduction of suicide doors and its safety requirements have increased. This must ensure that the doors can not open while driving.

BMW i3 doors eye-catcher: suicide doors still exist?
On the i3, the rear doors can only be opened with a handle if the front doors are already open

So if you're thinking about retooling your traditional doors, you should think twice! There are occasional tuning companies that offer the conversion for special models, in some cases directly with one TÜV certificationso that you can legally participate in road traffic. However, the conversion to rear-hinged doors can also be very expensive due to the high cost. If the end product succeeds, the effort and the costs can be paid off!

Of course that had not happened yet!

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