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More power with an airpipe / intake pipe? The info!

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Airpipe Charge Pipe Tuning Air Intake More power with an airpipe / intake pipe? The info!

Oxygen is essential for the combustion process of a vehicle engine. An airpipe / intake pipe is part of the "Air Intake System“(Intake system) and ensures that oxygen reaches the combustion engine. A good air intake system ensures a continuous and clean flow of air into a vehicle's engine. By using an intake pipe (air pipe) for the tuning area, the performance of the vehicle can be increased. The airpipe / intake pipe is discussed in more detail below.

Airpipe for the tuning area vs. built in series

Airpipe Charge Pipe Tuning Air Intake as standard 1 More power with an Airpipe / Intake Pipe? The info!

An airpipe for the tuning area has a larger diameter compared to the standard airpipe. Furthermore, the tuning variants look higher quality and they should underline the sportiness of a tuned vehicle under the hood. The articles can be made of stainless steel, for example, and are usually manufactured without a constriction. An airpipe installed as standard has a smaller diameter than tuning variants and it is often equipped with a bottleneck. The tuning variants feature a smooth transition from larger to smaller diameter. In the trade, for example, intake pipes are available that have a smooth transition from 89 mm in diameter to a diameter of 63 mm. In comparison, standard airpipes can have a bottleneck of, for example, only 53 mm or even less in diameter.

Airpipe - what does a tuning variant bring?

Airpipe Charge Pipe Tuning Air Intake carbon 3 More power with an Airpipe / Intake Pipe? The info!

Tuning airpipes are supposed to suck in more air due to their larger diameter. The performance should be increased and the intake noise should also sound fuller. Whether your Airpipe actually brings more power and richer noises depends on the Airpipe itself and of course the motor and other components. There are experience reports to read that only deny a pure increase in performance through the Air Pipe, but report very positive about the appearance of the respective pipe.

What materials is an airpipe made of?

An airpipe for the tuning area, for example, consists of stainless steel and is available in powder-coated versions. Thanks to the powder coating, different colors can be offered in stores. For example, an intake pipe is available in white, red, black, blue and light gray. The intake pipe also makes a visual contribution to the individualization of a vehicle and can also be used purely for show purposes in tuning vehicles, for example. In addition to stainless steel, Aipipes are also made of plastic (ABS), carbon and aluminum.

What to look for when buying the Airpipe?

If you want to buy an intake pipe to tune your vehicle, you should definitely pay attention to the legal side. Variants are available in stores that have a ABE (Have general operating permit). But different vehicle components also have different regulations. Whether a parts certificate, an ABE or a EC type-approval If a motor vehicle component is sufficient to be able to use it with a vehicle in traffic, this must be legally clarified in advance. Before buying a tuning airpipe, it is advisable to ask about the legal basis in a tuning workshop or at the testing authorities. In addition to the legal requirements for an airpipe, you should also pay attention to a durable, wear-resistant and robust material when buying. Stainless steel variants with powder coating, for example, are considered robust and durable. Furthermore, the articles are available in different colors and can thus contribute to vehicle customization. When buying, you should also pay attention to the accuracy of fit.

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