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Buying American Cars: Is It Worth It?

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 With globalization and the Internet, there was also the opportunity to buy vehicles not only in this country, but all over the world. Importing from the USA is not only something for V8 fans, many special models and special equipment lines are not even offered in Europe or are significantly cheaper in the USA. A purchase is therefore not only an option for emotional reasons and for lovers, but it can also make sense from a financial point of view. Models that are also available here, on the other hand, are not worthwhile, since taxes, customs duties, transport costs, technical retrofitting and approval must be taken into account when importing.

Import American cars

But how do you even get such a vehicle? One can do very well, especially via online platforms import american cars. Many offers are listed there and you can even have the total price including import costs displayed at USCar Trader, for example, in order to be able to compare prices optimally. It is also good to have personal contacts on site so that someone can take a look at the car before buying it. But you can of course combine the project with a trip to the USA and then conclude the purchase in one. When paying in cash, a discount is often even given.

Reimport gray import vehicle EU new cars e1605678289997 Buying American cars: Is it worth it?

What does an American car cost

In addition to the pure purchase price, there are a few other costs. Depending on the size, weight and type of transport, these amount to up to 10.000 euros. It is also advisable to carry out the project together with a specialized company, as every unnecessary day at the port and also errors at customs can cause additional costs.

All import costs for an American car

In addition to transporting the vehicle to the port, the loading must be paid, the sea freight itself, a transport insurance that can only be recommended, the clearance at the destination port and the preparation of the customs documentation. From these costs, including the purchase price, the customs value is calculated, of which 10% import duty must be paid. In addition, there is also the country-dependent import sales tax. After all, the vehicle has to be transported to its final destination, for which expenses are due again. Unfortunately, you are still not through, but have to have a TÜV acceptance carried out, including a possible one conversion and approval. These costs add up and make the actual purchase price skyrocket. The process is complex, but if you calculate these costs beforehand, as with the USCar Trader calculator, you can realistically assess whether an import is purely economically worthwhile.

What modes of transport are there

US Car import shipping containers Buying American cars: is it worth it?

In order for the vehicle to arrive in Europe at all, you need safe transport across the Atlantic. Overall, you can import the car from the USA in three different ways. The classic option is the sea container. The shipping company takes over storage at the port of departure and ensures that the wagon is protected. The advantage of a sea container is that you can import other pallets or vehicle parts in addition to the car, for example when moving house. The second option is to send it through Roll On / Roll Of Freighter. These floating parking garages can transport up to a thousand vehicles at once, but the vehicle must be ready to drive as it has to be loaded and unloaded by the port staff. Transport insurance definitely makes sense here, as damage can occur quickly. If things have to go quickly, the car can also be transported by air freight. However, the costs are very high and should only be used if you are under time pressure.


The import of American cars is generally worthwhile especially for car enthusiasts or if the car is traded commercially. If you are not particularly interested in American models and just want to save costs, then the effort involved is not worth it. Anyone who has never imported a car from the USA should seek expert support or hire a company to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It is also worth making an extensive comparison, taking into account the total costs.

US Car import schiffscontainer 2 Buying American cars: is it worth it?
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