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Painting brake calipers: an important detail and a real eye-catcher!

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Painting Foliatec brake caliper paint cost test tutorial 18 Painting brake calipers: important detail and a real eye-catcher!

The Painting the brake caliper is always interesting for tuners, because a chic brake caliper can support the look of the car. When the caliper is in tuning keine beachtung then it can quickly become a sad sight. If you want to use chic rims, you shouldn't forget the look of the brake caliper. Because especially with light and filigree rims, the mechanics can be seen from the outside. A gray-black brake caliper that looks dirty and is even rusty certainly does not contribute to the stylish tuning look. Industry and trade know a remedy and have adjusted to the visual enhancement of the brake caliper.

Complex mechanics only allow one way

Anyone who wants to visually upgrade the brake caliper has not many options to. While with other auto parts foiling or even the Sprühfolierung to peel off later can be used as a known method, there is only one way with the brake caliper. It has to be Brush or the spray gun can be used for color design. Brake calipers have complex mechanics and cannot, for example, be covered with stickers. It can too extremely high saddle temperatures come with a slide or sticker on a permanent basis burn away or at least yellow to let.

Painting Foliatec brake caliper paint cost test tutorial 14 Painting brake calipers: important detail and a real eye-catcher!

And the use of spray paint directly on the vehicle does not make sense either. When the paint is sprayed onto the brake caliper, sleeves and sensors could also be painted and the paint layer is usually thinner. Of course, it is possible to completely dismantle the brake caliper, mask off important things and then with one heat-resistant paint to cover. However, this is a very costly and time-consuming method that can only be carried out by a specialist. Finally, the braking system must neu filled and vented become. Such work may be done by a layperson can not be be performed. In order not to impair the function of important motor vehicle parts and to keep costs under control, a Brush can be used for application.

Painting sets for brake calipers

Brake calipers can be priced with the help of various paint kits from 30 to 50 euros be visually upgraded from retail. The sets are available with various equipment.

Painting Foliatec brake caliper paint cost test tutorial 2 Painting brake calipers: important detail and a real eye-catcher!

If you want to purchase such a set, you should make sure that it includes the following components:

  1. Gloves (disposable)
  2. Brush
  3. brake cleaner
  4. Color (2K paint and hardener)
  5. Cup for mixing the color
  6. Wire brush for cleaning

What to look for when buying a paint kit?

A paint kit shouldn't just contain a bottle of brake cleaner. The brake calipers are usually very dirty and require thorough cleaning. If older brake calipers have to be cleaned, the following items should also be used:

  • wire brush
  • Eye protection (goggles)
  • respiratory protection
  • Hard brush or a brush to remove dirt
  • Angle grinder (including brush attachment)
  • Sandpaper can also help
  • masking tape
  • another mixing vessel
  • a second paint brush

HEADS-UP: We would like to show you the painting of the brake calipers with this tutorial, but we would like to point out that we do not accept any liability for the correctness. We do not assume any liability for the topicality and correctness, nor for the completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against us - for example due to material or immaterial damage that may arise due to the use of information in this report - are fundamentally excluded within the legally permissible framework.

Preparation is essential

The Preparation is an important factor for a successful end result. If you want to paint your brake caliper, you absolutely have to proceed carefully. It should be the preparatory steps Disassembly, cleaning and masking get noticed. The point Disassemble in this case reads worse than it is, because it has to no caliper can be expanded for optical processing. However, the dirt must be removed from the caliper and it should be used before using equipment such as an angle grinder or a drill Top or disc wire brush, certain areas protected become. Sensors, guides and rubber sleeves require special protection if you are less experienced.

Painting Foliatec brake caliper paint cost test tutorial 5 Painting brake calipers: important detail and a real eye-catcher!

Guides and cuffs cannot be removed, but should be done with the Cleaning and painting not be damaged. If, for example, a sleeve is damaged and subsequently loses grease lubrication, dirt and water can penetrate it. That can be Rusting of the guides contribute. Penetrating dirt can also cause the brake calipers to jam and only one-sided braking is possible. This creates an extremely dangerous situation. If sleeves and guides as well as brake calipers are damaged, then a immediate repair respectively. If a new brake caliper is necessary, it can be expensive.

Wear sensor and ABS sensor can be expanded. As a rule, the sensors mentioned can be from the brake lining deducted and pushed to the side or hung. If you do this, you should make sure that the cables are not damaged. Disassembly can reduce the risk of damage during cleaning and painting.

Cleaning the brake caliper

A brake caliper is often very dirty because the brake lining abrasion can settle on the component over time. Dirt from the road and tires also settles on the brake calliper. The heat that is generated on the brake caliper literally turns the dirt burned down. Force is required to remove the dirt that has accumulated on the brake caliper. For example, devices such as the angle grinder are used. Chemistry is also used.

Painting Foliatec brake caliper paint cost test tutorial 6 Painting brake calipers: important detail and a real eye-catcher!

It is important to do that when cleaning the calipers Eye protection and respiratory protection be worn. Because the dirt that has settled and the cleaning agents can unhealthy be. The gloves also ensure that the paint does not get on your skin or hands.

Painting Foliatec brake caliper paint cost test tutorial 7 Painting brake calipers: important detail and a real eye-catcher!

For rough cleaning, a Steel brush be used. To do this should the retaining clip removed. The smooth and even surfaces of the brake calliper can be cleaned very well with an angle grinder / drill with an attachment. The corners of the calipers need to be cleaned by hand. If there are guide cuffs around, then one should Brake cleaner and cleaning fleece used, and the cuffs should not cleaned with become. Brake cleaners are soluble and can easily evaporate, which is why adequate ventilation should be available at the cleaning site. A respiratory protection is therefore a necessity. Furthermore, should be more often Work breaks inserted and fresh air (outside) breathed in.

Rinse with brake cleaner

When the pretreatment with hand and wire brushes as well as electric brushes is completed, then the brake calliper should come with it brake cleaner flushed through. Dish brush or coarse paintbrushes can help. You should also use a dish brush or paint brush the cuffs get noticed. Before painting the brake calipers, you must first all saddles cleaned .

Painting Foliatec brake caliper paint cost test tutorial 8 Painting brake calipers: important detail and a real eye-catcher!

Masking off is part of the preparation

If you want a clean result, without painting componentsthat do not need any painting, the areas should be with masking tape mask off that should not be painted. Alternatively work very precisely. An unconditional one Masking is not necessary. However, it saves the layperson in particular from laborious cleaning. And this way you can too the brake disc must be protected. Painter's masking tape is well suited for masking the components.

Masking the brake disc from masking tape Painting the brake calipers: an important detail and a real eye-catcher!

Plugging holes and bores in the caliper can also make sense with it no color got inside. Above all, care should be taken to ensure that the holes of the retaining clips are locked accordingly. Closing can be done with a toothpick, match or wire. If the paint gets into undesired areas, it will be difficult to remove again after it has hardened.

Note the mixing ratio of the paint

If you want to paint brake calipers, you should definitely use the paint manufacture according to instructions. Which mixing ratio is necessary can usually be found on the packaging. Too little hardener leads to a long and maybe insufficient drying time. Too much hardener leaves the paint dry too quickly. It is best to mix the complete amount that is available in the painting set. If the color has been touched, then it should, depending on the description, 15 minutes. .

Painting without a runner

When painting, care should be taken that there are no runners. The paint is thinner than you might think. Furthermore, should painted from top to bottom. It is advisable to do so at least a second layer to avoid brushstrokes as much as possible. Also one third layer in the area of ​​the direct visible surfaces can't hurt. Before applying the second coat of varnish, the drying time should be 15 minutes. must be observed for each paint application.

Depending on the manufacturer, it can even take between 3 and 4 hours per layer of paint before the paint can be painted over again. The second layer of paint must also dry completely, which of course also applies to a third layer, before the vehicle is reassembled. When reassembling, of course, the sensors have to be reattached and the masking tape has to come off. Generally one should use the vehicle Do not use it for 24 hours to ensure complete curing of the brake caliper paint.

Questions and Answers

  • A paint kit for the brake caliper is enough for how many components?
    - Depending on the set, four brake calipers can be painted. Painting of two brake drums and two brake calipers is usually also possible with one set. With our set of Foliatec would even be loose 8 brake calipers possible been.
  • What should be taken into account when preparing the painting?
    - Many sets come with a steel brush to remove rust or deposits from the brake calipers. A brake cleaner is also available in many sets and can be used for degreasing. The cleaning materials must be used. However, we particularly recommend machine cleaning.
  • How long does the paint drying take?
    - Depending on the set, the drying time can take about 2 hours or 3 to 4 hours. It will be between drying time and time to Final hardness differentiated. After the drying time, the wheels can be reassembled. Depending on the set, the final hardness is reached after about 24 hours to 5 days.
  • Is it possible to repaint the brake calipers?
    - The brake calipers can also be repainted after sanding down the old paint.
  • Is the paint in the paint kit for brake calipers robust?
    The paint in such a set can withstand chemical, thermal and mechanical loads.

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