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Android Auto System Review: Pros And Cons!

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If you like to gamble and at the same time are constantly in the car, or if the car is your source of work, the online casino website aggregator can be together with the Android Auto application, turn your entertainment and information system into a real amusement park. The site has safe slot machines that can be played right on the car's screen. In addition, there are useful guides on the game, strategies, and online casino registration that are required for beginners.

Android Auto is an emulator that mediates between your Android smartphone and your equipment in the car. This allows you to project the smartphone screen onto the display of your music center. Opens access to almost all applications, music, navigation maps, calls, messages and much more. The program only supports Android devices. There is an alternative Apple CarPlay app for the iPhone.

The main differences between Android Auto and the phone

The main difference is that the program is designed specifically for cars. Therefore, the interface and some functions are simplified. This was done so as not to distract the driver with bright design and too fancy functions while driving. The display also has a simple design with just a few buttons. However, this shortcoming is made up for by the built-in Google voice assistant, which finds information on how to activate a special command. This means that the owner of the car can activate most of the functions with his or her voice.

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How to connect to Android Auto

The connection process is no different from a standard Bluetooth telephone connection with other devices. All that matters is a good mobile signal as the connection to Google services is established and it is also important that the car is stationary as the Android security system prohibits the possibility of connection while driving.

Step-by-step instructions for connecting:

  • Download the free app to your smartphone from the Google Play Store.
  • Connect your phone to the car via USB and launch the program.
  • Confirm the option of connecting a smartphone via the automatic display.
  • Enable synchronization of the smartphone with the entertainment center in the Android Auto program.
  • The procedure is only required once. If the phone is connected to the car via USB in the future, the integration will take place automatically.

List of the best Android auto apps

New programs that are supported by the Android Auto app are constantly being added to the official Google Play Store. Not all programs run perfectly because developers optimize them in different ways for integration into the automotive system. Google Maps works best and provides the driver with convenient navigation and detailed information about the area. So you are always informed about all traffic jams in the city so that you can better plan your route.

List of other programs:

  • Audio books;
  • Spotify;
  • Telegram;
  • OverDrive;
  • Contacts +;
  • Skype;
  • Amazon Music.

If you subscribe to Spotify or any other service, you can play background music through your system. You can use the interface buttons or the voice assistant to change tracks. The system not only perfectly navigates the Internet, but also within your drive and finds the required title in the entire library.

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System benefits

The program makes it easier to work with the phone while driving and allows you to call up more information via the voice assistant and the control panel. The system interface is intuitive and does not raise any questions. With Google Maps, you can create a convenient route and avoid unwanted traffic jams. Other pluses are also worth mentioning:

  • Listen to music from a device;
  • the ability to make calls;
  • Call history and missed calls.
  • The system works best with GPS navigation and makes driving on the road easier. You can go on the paved route with the voice assistant even without using the buttons.

Main disadvantages

The main disadvantage of the system is the limitation on the number of applications available. Google does this primarily for the safety of drivers so that they are not distracted on the road. This mainly affects games and background music, which are shown in a limited list. To start the game, or to see the full list of available titles, you need to stop the car.

Android Auto is a practical solution for drivers who want to turn their infotainment system into a simplified smartphone. With its help, you can better navigate the road, use the features of the program with a voice assistant and create convenient routes while driving.

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