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Legal according to European traction standards - Autosock!

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Autosock traction standard snow chain tuning Autosock legal according to European traction standard!

By December 1 of this year at the latest, an alternative to the conventional one will be available in all EU member states snow chains legally to be acquired: Car sock for passenger cars (cars, HP series). This is due to the new European standard EN16662-1: 2020 for additional wheel slide protection devices, which was published on May 27 by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN). After 10 years of work, Autosock is now the first international product to be certified according to the new standard. In Switzerland, the use of autosock has been allowed since October of that year. AutoSock can be used in all EU member states from December 1.12.2020st, XNUMX at the latest, even if snow chains are required.

new standards for member states of the EU

Autosock traction standard snow chain tuning 2 e1603342750490 Autosock legal according to European traction standard!

With a deadline of November 30, 2020, all EU member states have to update and republish their national standards so that no old, conflicting standards are included. Some countries have already set the new standard EN 16662-1: 2020 as a national standard. This includes Germany, Austria, Sweden, Great Britain, Croatia, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia, Ireland, Denmark and Luxembourg.

What's new in the EN16662-1: 2020 standard?

Snow chains top speed Autosock legal according to European traction standards!

The standard contains standardized regulations for additional wheel slide protection devices with regard to their safety, quality and also their corresponding performance requirements. The material and technology used to manufacture it are not included. This results in the fact that anti-skid devices made of textile are certified according to the same standards as, for example, snow chains made of rubber or metal. And the Autosock product is precisely such a textile anti-skid device.

What is autosock anyway?

Autosock traction standard snow chain tuning 3 e1603342825755 Autosock legal according to European traction standard!

Autosock is a textile traction aid for tires and represents an alternative to conventional snow chains. As the name Autosock suggests, Autosock is put over the tire like a kind of sock. The assembly is actually quite simple and the product centers itself automatically after it is opened. In conclusion, it can be said that Autosock is an alternative for anyone who wants an additional anti-skid device on their vehicle but does not want to use snow chains. Suitable for sports cars! AutoSock hardly takes up any space between the tires and the wheel arch. Since AutoSock is not made of metal, the product is not a source of danger for damage to the braking system, the wheel suspension or in the area of ​​the shock absorbers. AutoSock is therefore perfect for vehicles with sports suspensions.

Advantages of autosock

  • Easy / quick assembly + disassembly
  • self-centering
  • There are no vibrations
  • low noise level
  • Compatible with electronic safety systems (including ABS, ESP).
  • hardly requires any space between the tires and the wheel arch
  • very light (less than 2 kg)
  • easier handling compared to conventional snow chains
  • reusable / easy care (washable)

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