The love of motorsport: the best car races worldwide!

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For many, a car is just a vehicle to get from A to B. However, that doesn't apply to the myriad of sports car enthusiasts around the world. Because for them, cars often stand for freedom, power and honor. And for enthusiastic motorsport fans who regularly follow car races or take part in them themselves, an extraordinary car is much more than just a means of transport. We're going to take a closer look at the best car races around in this article.

What is motorsport all about?

It may be difficult for many to understand why auto racing is so popular. Of course, primarily when these people are not motorsport enthusiasts themselves. Racing car admirers describe your affection for the cars as a sheer thrill that keeps you on the move. But there are also a few other factors why this sport has become so popular. One could mention the social aspect here. Nevertheless, for many, true love only begins here, as motorsport gives them pure adrenaline. Those who are addicted to the sport spend tens of thousands of euros (in some cases even more) every year to attend various races.

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And others risk even higher amounts in sports betting to bet on their favorite driver or racing team. Sometimes it's not easy to describe the devotion and commitment with which the loyal followers of the pleasure of betting pursue it. And some say that your behavior is already similar to what is known as problematic gaming behavior would describe, which is normally only known from online casinos. Like everything in life, racing should be enjoyed responsibly. And that's exactly why we are now dedicating ourselves to the world's most popular car races.

The Monte Carlo Rally

The Monte Carlo Rally, held for the first time in 1911, often marks the start of the motorsport season. And the city on the Côte d’Azur is the ideal playground for this type of motor racing event. It therefore makes sense to start the motorsport year right here. The rally is mainly driven on tarmac and as the race takes place in the cold season it can sometimes get quite icy on the various stages. And that's one of the reasons why the race leads to real adrenaline rushes for real motorsport fans.

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The Azerbaijan Grand Prix

Since the Grand Prix on the Caspian Sea, the country's tourism has exploded. Everything revolves around the race at the time. The Baku City Circuit is a scenic and impressive route that encompasses some of the most historic parts of the capital, providing a cross-section of new and historic Azerbaijan. In 2022 Max Verstappen could clinched victory and Ferrari suffered a disaster. However, the race is still young as it was only added to the Formula 2017 calendar in 1. But Baku has hosted several speed events before, such as the Euro GP Championships. Above all, the spectators love the ambience of the city and the exciting races of the last few years.

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

The Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is the world's most famous off-road endurance race, lasting about two weeks, where drivers have to contend with a variety of different track terrains, including desert passages. It's a treacherous and dangerous race that unfortunately results in fatalities nearly every year. In earlier years, the route ran from the French capital of Paris to the Senegalese metropolis of Dakar. Due to military conflicts affecting the route, the rally was driven in South America between 2009 and 2019. This year, this motorsport event took place first time in Saudi Arabia instead.

Toyota 2022 GR DKR Hilux Dakar Rally 6

Since sometimes the world's most rugged areas have to be crossed, which result in countless technical breakdowns, it often happens that the drivers feel lost in the loneliest areas without their wheels. A special feature of the race is that everyone can participate. Both professionals and amateurs. But everyone who takes part in the event must be aware that the race is not only one of the most dangerous in the world, but is also watched by millions of people.

The Belgian Grand Prix

This year's race at Spa Francorchamps takes place on the last Sunday in August and the circuit in the Ardennes is one of the most prestigious in Formula 1. The weather in particular can surprise in this part of western Europe. The violent thunderstorms with heavy rain have thwarted many a favourite. Rain specialists feel particularly comfortable in Belgium.

Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix

And with that eau rouge, one of the most difficult turns in Formula 1, another challenge awaits the drivers, who are otherwise always full of praise for the remaining sections of the track. However, the organizers should have learned from the incidents of the last few years and, above all, the run-off zones and safety areas should be presented in a new design at this year's race.

Daytona 500

The race, organized by the largest US motorsport association NASCAR, is referred to by the majority of motorsport fans overseas as "The Great American Race". Daytona usually takes place at the beginning of a season and is known for its complicated layout, long race course and sections with curves of up to 31 degrees. Despite the safety concerns, or because of them, the race is hugely popular. The Daytona 500 has been held since 1959 and attracts crowds not only to the track but also to the TV every year.

Daytona 500

The Monaco Grand Prix

There is no doubt that the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​the most well-known – if not the best – motorsport race in the world. Since 1929 the cars and the drivers that race through the streets of the Principality are admired by the spectators along the track or on the screens from all over the world. The track is narrow and offers few opportunities for overtaking manoeuvres. In addition, there are sometimes large differences in altitude to be overcome and in the Sainte-Dévote tunnel the maximum speeds can be reached in the race. All these factors make it one of the most difficult Formula 1 races ever. Victory on track is arguably the most prestigious motorsport accolade. Only a few racers have been able to fulfill this dream so far.

Grand Prix Of Monaco

The jet set around the race, with all the stars and starlets, sometimes even with crowned heads, ensures that the event is always an unforgettable experience. Possibly the best race of the year is also held at the most pleasant time of year to visit Monaco. As you will discover, there are incredible races to visit, follow and marvel at around the world. All these glorious and popular races connect countless people across many continents, all because of the fact that this sport can often be unpredictable and extremely dangerous.

Formula 1 winner race victory

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