WLAN hotspot in the car – retrofitting is also possible

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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to call up maps, play online games or receive the latest news and traffic reports while driving as a passenger? This is easily possible with a WLAN hotspot in the car. Some innovative vehicles already have it, others can easily be retrofitted with it.

Retrofitting WLAN in the car - these options are available

Many luxury vehicles have integrated mobile WiFi. With the right tips and tricks, anyone can build the luxury class features into their own cars. The beauty of it is that retrofitting already covers the budget and can often also be integrated into the next car.

The sporty bolide BMW4 CSL is not a bargain at more than 165.000 euros, but convinces with performance and many technical refinements. This also includes an integrated WLAN interface, which is de rigueur for vehicles in this category. If you drive an older BMW or other manufacturer model without WLAN or hotspot option, you can breathe easy: There are various attractively priced options.

CarFi Sticks as a practical solution

Retrofit internet in the car – this is easy to do with the practical CarFi sticks. Simply placed in the cigarette lighter, they ensure that the connection is established quickly. An activated SIM card with the right tariff is required. DSLregional offers an overview of the most attractive regional offers, because there are clear differences in data volume, speed and monthly price.

USB internet sticks almost like a PC or laptop

Internet sticks are certainly known from PCs and laptops. Here they provide a fast Internet connection with variable data volume with just one plug-in. Stick solutions are now also available for vehicles. Here it is integrated into the cigarette lighter and provides a WLAN network. The eighth among the USB internet sticks: Compared to the CarFi sticks, they offer less reception quality in some regions.

Mobile WiFi router primarily for vans and buses

A reliable, less compact solution are WLAN routers for the car. If necessary, the power supply is provided using the cigarette lighter solution. Although there is always a sufficient connection with the router, this comes at a price: space.

In direct comparison to the USB stick or the CarFi sticks, the mobile router is significantly larger and requires more space. Rather unsuitable for smaller vehicles, but ideal for vans and buses.

Android Auto: smart use protects against points in Flensburg

If you only need a temporary WiFi connection in the vehicle, you can use your own smartphone or tablet. With the help of the hotspot function, the mobile end device is converted into an interface for other internet devices so that other passengers can also access it.

If the Bluetooth connection of the end devices in the vehicle is activated, Android Auto on the vehicle display of the car transfer. A real ease of use, because incoming messages, phone calls or the music playlist are shown comfortably. So no reason to look for or even use the phone while driving. This is not only dangerous, but also violates the road traffic regulations and must expect significantly higher penalties from now on.

Who visites uses his phone while driving, has to accept 100 euros and a point in the driving aptitude register in Flensburg. In order to keep an eye on everything and still drive safely and with impunity, the connection with Android Auto is ideal. The iOS system works according to a similar principle.

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Pixabay.com © Pexel's CCO Public Domain
Connect the car to your cell phone and turn it into a hotspot: you can do it with Android Auto or Apple.

WLAN via vehicle manufacturer offers

The vehicle manufacturers also offer various options for using the Internet in the vehicle. Each manufacturer has its own system approach. For example, Volkswagen provides “Volkswagen CarNet” available, whereas BMW “ConnectedDrive" called.

The exact range of functions for the manufacturers depends on the selected tariff and the installed vehicle modules. For example, not every model has an already integrated SIM card, so that vehicle users can sit back and relax. They often have to be proactive in choosing the right tariff.

A look at the manufacturer's own offers can be worthwhile in many ways. The systems are usually so well coordinated that the connection setup is faster and more stable. Necessary updates are also provided more quickly by the manufacturer's own Internet offerings. However, there is one disadvantage: the tariff and hardware selection outside of the manufacturer's specifications is much more diverse.

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Pixabay.com © naive_eye CCO Public Domain
Many manufacturers offer their own SIM card systems with which an Internet connection can be easily established via the dashboard.

Internet also abroad in the car?

Especially abroad, many drivers would like to have internet in their car, for example to get the latest route changes or traffic jam reports. Whether the Internet connection with your own mobile phone variants is also possible outside of Germany depends on the tariff offer. Most options include at least internet within the EU. If you want to take the vehicle to non-EU countries, it is best to check the tariff regulations again.

Tip: The Tesla principle could set a precedent

Tesla is one of the first vehicle manufacturers to present vehicles with an integrated mobile radio receiver. The display is particularly large and is reminiscent of an oversized smartphone. Drivers can use this to conveniently search for directions, surf the Internet (only if the vehicle comes to a standstill, as this is a criminal offense while driving), listen to their favorite music and much more.

Tesla, and more and more vehicle manufacturers are now also, relying on the integrated SIM card principle. Drivers can choose from various tariff packages and surf the web at attractive conditions.

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