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The reference to a flex fuel system describes a special category of vehicles or engines, which are also called flex fuel vehicles be labeled because they with different fuels can be operated. But what does that mean? What are alternative fuel vehicles? Flex-fuel vehicles are vehicles with flexible fuels that may not be familiar to everyone who only has one engine that is equipped with a Mixture of different fuels can be operated. Usually that is ethanol and gasoline. All cars that are technically capable without change to fill up with a mixture of petrol and ethanol flex fuels. It is therefore an engine that can be operated with petrol, the alcohols methanol and ethanol and any mixture of the three fuels. So also E85! At best, there is a sensor in the fuel system of a flex-fuel vehicle that measures the proportions of the two fuels and the engine balance automatically adjusts.

retrofit a flex fuel system

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Is the vehicle will not equipped with a flex fuel system, then a conversion is usually necessary is also possible, but sometimes high costs have to be expected if it is to be done properly. Often they have to cylinder head, the Injectors and another Motor control software be installed. Also another Catalyst and new gaskets may be needed. Factory-fitted flex fuel systems also have one electric engine heater installed for the cold season, since the flex is often used at low outside temperatures Starting problems has to fight. There are even higher ones maintenance costs check or adjust the valve clearance as often. Furthermore, one should also consider that a nationwide supply of ethanol, especially in this country, is not guaranteed. Only about 300 filling stations currently offer the fuel in Germany. downward trend! It may also be that FlexFuel is not even possible in Germany for the desired vehicle in terms of registration.

110 octane ensure more power

Once the conversion has been carried out, the petrol engine is usually more environmentally friendly, cheaper and has more power Kraft! The flex fuel system is therefore popular in the field of performance enhancement. Bio-ethanol E85 is cheaper (Price per liter between €0,99 – €1,30) and has due 110 octane significantly more reserves. Therefore more ignition can be driven. The result is better response from the turbocharger, more torque and more power. Almost all petrol vehicles with electronically controlled injection (Lambda sensor/Cat), can be converted. And this also applies to motorcycles, boats, go-karts, etc.

Venom 1000 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 MY 2022 3rd

In the field of tuning, however, the one used is particularly important Flex fuel E85 sensor important. Good systems can be refueled freely after installation without having to pay attention to the mixture of petrol or E85. The control unit should be able to automatically adapt the values ​​supplied by the sensor to the relevant parameters such as ignition and injection. Switching or paying attention to the tank contents is no longer necessary! And such a sensor also enables one cold start enrichmentto eliminate the mentioned startup problems. A recent example of one installed by a tuner Flex fuel system is the Venom 1000 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 MY 2022!

What is bioethanol E85?

Bioethanol is made from renewable biomass (Plants containing sugar, starch and cellulose such as sugar beets, wood residues, cereals, etc.). In the course of production, pure ethanol / alcohol is produced. This is then mixed with other fuels in the course of further processing. Like with gasoline. E85 is, so to speak, a mixture of petrol and ethanol with 85% bioethanol.

Bioethanol Tuning 2

The positive properties:

  • less soot formation
  • less deposits
  • Combustion is cooler
  • the knock resistance is higher
  • less CO₂ emissions
  • higher octane

The negative qualities:

  • more must be injected (additional consumption approx. 25%)
  • not all vehicles are ethanol-capable (special, ethanol-resistant seals are required)
  • Ethanol has a higher heat of vaporization than petrol (leads to starting problems at low temperatures)
  • incorrect conversion to ethanol drive can result in defective fuel lines, engine damage and a loss of warranty

a clean burn

Thanks to the automatic detection, the mixture can always burn cleanly. Thanks to the sensor and the engine management, such vehicles have been on the road for years, especially in the USA. In the 1970s, research into alternative fuels developed due to the oil crisis. In America in particular, automakers have started to produce more and more Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs). Many models and brands have become alternative fuel vehicles. In addition to limousines and vans, this also includes trucks and off-road vehicles. As mentioned earlier, this type of alternative fuel vehicle is designed to operate with at least one shape designed and constructed from alternative fuel or a non-petroleum derived fuel source. Vehicles that we refer to as flex-fuel vehicles are therefore designed to operate with Gasoline or E85 designed. The engine can use both fuels independently of each other use, giving the driver the ability to control the type of fuel used and fuel their vehicle appropriately when the alternative fuel is not available.

Flex Fuel System Retrofit Tuning Kit 2

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