Retrofit contour lighting on the vehicle front?

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VW Golf GTI Aurora tuning

Some manufacturers, such as VW with the E-Golf, the ID.4 or Mercedes with the EQC, rely on so-called contour lighting in the front of the vehicle for maximum visibility. This is like a strip of light that extends across the entire width of the vehicle and merges into the overall design of the main headlights. Depending on the manufacturer and vehicle, the design varies somewhat. But the principle is the same. Similar to the light bar at the rear, which has been in fashion for some time (Audi A8, Porsche 911, etc.), you want to generate an additional eye-catcher to show: "Hey I'm an electric car". We have already seen such a light bar on a combustion engine, which by the way was already on the old Mercury Sable II (1991 - 1995 Sedan, no LED technology). For example on the VW Golf 8 with the Style or the R Line equipment.

A question from one of our readers!

Contour lighting vehicle front Retrofit tuning LED 2

The question: "New vehicles have a continuous LED light strip installed in the front. While this LED light strip may be used legally, illuminated BMW kidneys (Iconic Glow kidneys), for example, may not be used while driving. Where exactly is the difference? And then one more thought. Any older vehicle with such a “continuous light strip” on the front of the vehicle may retrofitted if the installation position is similar to that of the current vehicles that luminosity matches and also the component one Parts Approval/or Inspection Number owns"? Our answer to retrofitting: AND! But only then when a parts approval / or test number for the desired vehicle is available. And we don't know (as of January 01.2022) any third-party providers who sell something like this. And compared to the BMW kidneys: The Iconic Glow kidneys are CAN'T approved as daytime running lights and therefore do not have their "luminous technical characteristics". Thus, like other lighting devices such as the "Spirit of Ecstasy by Rolls Royce' Don't compare either.

Retrofit contour lighting in the radiator grille!

Is there, as in the case of various current VW vehicles, a complete set for Retrofitting the original LED contour lighting to buy, then this set can also be installed. In the case of the IQ-Light in the VW Golf 8 CD, the SKODA Enyaq 5A Crystal Face LED radiator grille or the VW ID.4 radiator grille, this is possible, among other things. Corresponding complete sets make it possible to use the original factory-installed contour lighting in the VW Golf 8 radiator grille to retrofit. Whether any coding is necessary here is different. In the case of the VW Golf, the light band below the bonnet lights up in line with the daytime running lights in the factory headlights. The connection must be ensured in such a way that the light strip can be seen when the daytime running lights/dipped headlights are switched on aktiv and it is usually controlled in such a way that it lights up when you use the coming home/leaving home function. As in the case of the set from VW E-mark exists, it is in the area of ​​the StVO authorized. But just just on the designated vehicles. In the case of the VW Golf 8, it is no problem to retrofit the original LED light strip / contour lighting in the radiator grille.

installed in the VW Golf GTI Aurora (2019) MK7

By the way, such contour lighting was also used in the 380hp VW Golf GTI Aurora (2019) MK7 implemented. A type approval (CE marking, ABE etc.) for the front grille, as far as we know, was not available for this vehicle. Legal operation on the street would not be possible. From various craft solutions, at least on public roads, we therefore expressly advise ab. Specifically, this means: please do not visit the hardware store to buy a small C profile there, connect an LED strip from China in cold white with electricity thieves and maybe cobble in a frosted glass insert and install it in the vehicle. You can also save yourself a 3D printer in this country for this idea. That's all illegal and lets the operating license expire.

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