Retrofitting ambient lighting on the car. that's how it's done!

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Retrofit ambient lighting Shadow light retrofit LED e1638516758340 Retrofit ambient lighting on the car. that's how it's done!

Surrounding lighting, too Shadow light is an ex-works option on request in many current vehicle models. Unfortunately, the costs for it, ex works, are sometimes exaggerated, so that many do not choose the option. Subsequent installation or modification, on the other hand, is significantly less expensive and in some cases child's play. And as a rule there is also an entry unnecessary, but it is still legal to use. There are no legal concerns when properly installed.

Which vehicles are suitable?

Retrofitting ambient lighting Shadow light LED 4 Retrofitting ambient lighting on the car. that's how it's done!

When it comes to series components, many complain about insufficient light or color temperature or that the elegant additional lighting is not even installed. You can attach ambient lighting for retrofitting, for example in the undersides of the rearview mirrors, but also in the door by the handle. And if the surrounding lighting is already installed ex works, but still equipped with conventional lightbulbs, then there is usually one too conversion on modern LED technology possible. And vehicles that are a bit older are also suitable for such a conversion / retrofitting, provided they already have standard lighting in the door or the appropriate exterior mirrors.

Conversion to LED technology?

Prerequisite - Surrounding lighting already installed ex works: Installation is usually not only simple, but also takes a few minutes. First, let's look at the version of mounting in the door. To do this, the existing lighting is carefully pulled out and the plug disconnected. The new Shadow Light, as it is often called in English, is easy with the production model replaced.

Retrofitting ambient lighting Shadow light LED 3 Retrofitting ambient lighting on the car. that's how it's done!

That means, connect the plug and carefully push it back into the appropriate position. Done! In the exterior mirror, on the other hand, it becomes a bit more complex, as a few screws usually have to be loosened. However, the principle is the same. The series component becomes through the new model replaced. The plugs are the same, if you pay attention when ordering, vehicle-specific components to order. You should also always pay attention to approval (ECE, ABE, Teilegutachten etc.).

Retrofitting if not available ex works?

In general, the retrofitting possible if ambient lighting has not yet been installed ex works. However, we cannot provide general instructions due to the various Scope and countless Vehicle types. Various third-party suppliers have, for example, complete door handles or rear-view mirrors in their range in exchange, which then only have a corresponding one power require. In older vehicles it is conceivable to couple the power supply with the interior lighting. However, this may ONLY work when the vehicle is stationary.

Retrofitting ambient lighting Shadow light LED 2 Retrofitting ambient lighting on the car. that's how it's done!

In any case, it must be ensured that when the vehicle is in motion, the surrounding lighting disabled will. This is the only way to implement a legal solution. There is also the possibility of converting the existing door handles or rearview mirrors and providing them with ambient lighting. However, the function of the components and the lighting must be guaranteed in every respect. Such a conversion without prior agreement We recommend working with a testing organization should not. Here, too, you should always ensure that the planned components are approved (ECE, ABE, Teilegutachten etc.).

What is the function of the ambient lighting?

When it comes to ambient lighting, it's primarily about one better sightfollowed by a beautiful look. You can choose between different colored LEDs or the logo of the respective vehicle manufacturer.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages are apparent. There are actually no disadvantages, provided you don't have two left hands. On the subject Security and comfort the surrounding lighting is a clear plus. If it is already installed at the factory and is only to be replaced by fancy LEDs, then the working time is also manageable. And the same applies to the price. Experience for the reconstruction or conversion can be found on the net. There are plenty of step-by-step instructions for the conversion there. And if the work is too laborious for you, you can of course hire a specialist workshop.

At the end... do you absolutely need ambient lighting? Everyone has to answer this question for themselves. The appearance does not necessarily play an important role. However, a better view when getting in is a real added value. Who likes to step into a puddle and drag the dirt into a clean car with wet feet?

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