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Chances are you've seen ones for sale before Oldtimer seen where a complete "Rotisserie restoration“ respectively one Restoration with rotary lifting platform was made. But what does that mean? And why would a vehicle need a rotisserie restoration? The definition is as follows: A rotisserie restoration is one complete overhaul a disassembled body or frame. After the vehicle is mounted on a rotary lift, its core structure can be precisely rotated and angled to remove rust, damage or rot. But a rotisserie restoration is guaranteed not automatically a high quality finish. But when an automaker goes to the trouble of using a rotisserie, you can be sure that the goal was a thorough and complete restoration.

Basics of the rotisserie

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A rotating lift for the rotisserie is a adjustable metal frame structurethat holds a vehicle body or frame in place. A car manufacturer or restorer can turn the vehicle to almost any desired angle on the rotary lifting platform. The rotary car lift can also raise the body or frame to an optimal height to do precision work. However, before you mount the vehicle on the rotary lift, you should remove the engine, transmission, discs and other components. The idea behind this is to eliminate weight, liquids and glass that could break when bent. Additional unsecured interior parts should also be removed to provide the best access to the body or frame. Depending on the vehicle structure, body brackets can be welded to prevent the vehicle from sagging. This applies in particular to convertibles that do not have a fixed roof support structure.

Uses of the Rotisserie

Rotisserie Restoration Restoration Rotary Lift Tuning 3

After a vehicle right on the rotary lift positioned, the automaker can easily rotate the vehicle for the best access to all areas. Imagine you need to replace some rusty spots on the bottom edge of the vehicle's door sills. After the vehicle is on the rotary lift, you can rotate the body on its side - to the perfect angle that you can approximately Repair sheet can weld.

Tip: What should be considered when restoring classic cars?

Then you could grind down the welds, smooth out the joint with a minimal amount of putty, and grind down the body panel until it's mirror-smooth. All of this can be completed without having to bend down and twist your back. When you're done with one side, turn the vehicle around and go to the other side. That's the beauty of the rotisserie. A rotary lift is also a great tool for doing diverse shifts Underbody protection removed from underside of vehicle. When you need to paint the underside of the vehicle, imagine how much easier it is to access all those hard-to-reach spots with a rotary lift.

Key features of a high quality rotary lift:

  • It must be long and strong enough to hold your vehicle firmly in place. Large devices can support more than 6.000 pounds (2,72 t) and span 24 feet (approx. 7 m).
  • Locking casters or wheels make it easy to move the rotary lift around your workshop as needed.
  • The mounting brackets should be designed for the vehicle make and model.

The vehicle should can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Some devices offer more or less locking pointswhen the vehicle turns. Fewer locking points mean you may lose the vehicle not at the best angle can bring for a specific job. Some units also offer built-in hydraulic jacks to raise the vehicle to the desired height. And remember, you might use the device for a few months - to get a vehicle ready for sale - and then not for a long time. So research whether the device can be stowed away to save space when it is not in use. If you are creative and handy, you can find DIY plans for a rotary lift for the internet on the internet Rotisserie restoration. This could save you money, but there are obvious security concerns to consider. A home built rotisserie rotary lift must be able to support the weight of the vehicle at all different angles. Also, building such a jig is another project that must be completed first before you can start restoring the dream car. And the topic labor protection and insurance Let's not talk about a DIY rotary lift!

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