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Better illumination - retrofit the cornering light!

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Retrofit cornering light cornering light Tuning e1577624602757 Better illumination retrofit the cornering light!

If you want to modify an older vehicle that does not have a cornering light, you can easily retrofit such a practical additional light. New cars usually have the cornering light or it can be ordered as a popular extra. The technology for upgrade The cornering light is now also available and so the technology is offered by certain companies. By the way, there is more about headlights in our large overview "Headlights from halogen to LED to xenon - an indispensable companion"!

Retrofitting cornering lights - what's that good for?

Retrofit cornering light cornering light Tuning 3 Better lighting retrofit the cornering light!

The cornering light is also referred to as cornering light and serves to illuminate the side of the vehicle more strongly in curves. This improves the view and even tight bends or dark entrances can be optimally illuminated. Furthermore, the cornering light also offers the parking Benefits. The cornering light should switch itself off again after the curve or after turning. Various companies offer retrofit solutions for vehicles and even combine the cornering light with that fog light.

Retrofitting cornering lights - what should you watch out for?

Retrofit cornering light cornering light Tuning 2 e1577624646558 Better illumination retrofit the cornering light!

Retrofit solutions for the cornering light should be suitable for the respective vehicle type. The car battery should of course be able to provide the additional energy required. But that is often not a problem. Furthermore, a potential buyer should pay attention to high-quality retrofit models. Customer reviews and experienced tuners can help you choose the right retrofit kit. Retrofit variants are available on the market that not only offer cornering and cornering lights. The headlights from the retrofit kit can often also be used as fog lights. When buying a cornering light for retrofitting, the interested buyer should definitely pay attention to approved models. If you are not sure whether your car is suitable for retrofitting, you should consult experts from a tuning or vehicle workshop. The position of the lights is important, the options for connection and high-quality materials are important so that no water gets into the electronics.

Cornering light - also as a universal retrofit set

Retrofit kits for cornering lights are also commercially available, and should be universally suitable for campers, off-roaders or cars. However, there is often a restriction in the descriptions of the products. Retrofitting is only possible if there is already a corresponding recess in the front apron, as is common with current car models. However, this is not always the case. The apron must then be cut out and there must be a way behind it to attach the brackets for the cornering lights. Alternatively, there are also options that are integrated directly into the main headlight. Here the new headlight has the integrated cornering light so that no additional installation location is necessary. However, it should also be clarified beforehand whether the vehicle electronics are compatible with the new headlights at all. This is often the case, but later programming regarding the integration of the system is not excluded and in some cases can only be carried out by authorized dealers. It is therefore advisable to ask a specialist workshop whether the car is suitable for retrofitting a cornering light.

How is a retrofit set composed?

Retrofit cornering light cornering light Tuning 4 Better lighting retrofit the cornering light!

A retrofit kit for the cornering light usually consists of two additional headlights, each intended for the left and right front. The headlights, for example, have a diameter of 90 millimeters and are held in a specific design (clear glass). The set is usually supplied with a control unit that must be installed in the car (engine compartment). Furthermore, halogen lamps are usually supplied with such a set. But there are also variants with xenon or LED. It is advisable to choose a set that offers versatile functions and can also measure the start-up pulse and spin of the car (yaw rate sensor).

Maybe already installed from the factory?

The cornering light should switch on and off automatically, as is the case with the systems ex works. A function that turns on the cornering lights when reversing is also useful. If approved as fog lights, the headlights should be able to be switched on and off by the driver using a switch that can be installed in the car. Attention must be paid to the combination in which the headlights may work and when they should not work. This is essential for later registration for legal use. PS. There are also vehicles that have installed the cornering light completely from the factory. Often, the function only has to be activated afterwards by coding and you can use the cornering light. You may want to check this before selling an accessory set.

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Retrofit cornering light cornering light Tuning 5 Better lighting retrofit the cornering light!

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