De-ice the car windows: this trick works!

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Frozen windshield scratching Eiskratzer1 Deicing the car windows: this trick works!

In winter you inevitably have to struggle with iced windows in sub-zero temperatures, unless you are an enviable owner of a garage or Stationary heating system is in the vehicle. Of course, the endeavor with your ice scraper to edit. Often, however, the use is not really satisfactory and the ice can only be removed with difficulty or not at all. If handled inappropriately, scratches on the window are also inevitable. And if you should be surprised by the winter temperatures in the morning, you are often still under time pressure because work is calling you.

In no case should you proceed like this:

The internet is teeming with well-intentioned advice on how to de-icing windows as quickly and effectively as possible. However, these tips are not always recommendable and sometimes cause even bigger problems. Like trying to solve the drama with hot water. Just do not try this and never try it. If the frozen pane comes into contact with hot water, it could burst and the trouble is inevitable.

hot water windshield frozen winter De-icing the car windows: this trick works!

Our insider tip - with only two utensils:

The procedure is extremely simple and also not cost-intensive. All you need is a freezer bag and lukewarm water. The latter is filled into the bag and the magic tool for effective de-icing is created. The bag, which is of course tied, is easily moved over the windshield with the water it contains and the windshield is relieved of its load in next to no time. Nothing stands in the way of a clear view while driving. And it doesn't require any firm pressure either, which prevents it from bursting. Alternatively, there is also an old one, by the way hot-water bottle conceivable for the action.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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