Sidescan®Predict: Intelligent technology for fewer truck accidents!

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Sidescan®Predict Sidescan®Predict: Intelligent technology for fewer truck accidents!

The global pandemic is putting truck drivers under pressure like never before. How can AI technology contribute to road safety and keep supply chains moving? Driving heavy vehicles - whether on construction sites, in heavy city traffic or on rural roads - is a demanding task that requires competence and concentration. Unfortunately, despite rigorous training and generally improved safety standards, traffic accidents still claim victims around the world. According to data from the United Nations, one person in the world dies every 24 seconds in road traffic.1 That is the equivalent of one million lives lost in traffic accidents every year. The global driver shortage in road haulage means supply chains are threatened while the need for supplies increases.2 This added pressure is clearly a burden on drivers. And when drivers are stressed, the likelihood of human error increases.

for fewer truck accidents

Sidescan Predict sensor and fixings Sidescan®Predict: Intelligent technology for fewer truck accidents!

The UNO rightly regards speed limits as an important approach to reducing the number of accidents and calls for a speed limit of 30 km / h within built-up areas. But accidents can be fatal even at low speeds, especially when commercial vehicles such as trucks and construction machinery are involved. Often these accidents are caused by blind spots around heavy vehicles because their size and shape prevent the driver from seeing all around. Cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians "disappear" particularly easily in the blind spot of a vehicle. The consequences can be dire. British studies show that trucks are far more likely to be involved in fatal accidents per mile than other vehicles

Eliminate blind spots with technological solutions

So what are the options for eliminating dangerous blind spots? Extra mirrors are a familiar solution, but many drivers find them a nuisance. It takes time to check multiple mirrors on either side of the cab, and even a fraction of a second can lead to dangerous delays.

More and more fleet managers are therefore opting for security systems on board their trucks, delivery vans or construction machines. Camera systems for vehicle video surveillance offer wider viewing angles, and radar sensors and ultrasonic distance sensors warn drivers of obstacles even in adverse weather conditions, when heavy rain, fog or snow may impair visibility.

Reversing alarms are another essential security system; Modern solutions such as the award-winning White Sound series from Brigade Electronics generate immediately localizable warning tones that can only be heard in the danger zone, thereby reducing noise pollution. Safety retrofits like this can be done in a few hours and improve road safety enormously.

Ultrasonic distance sensors for minimized vehicle damage and maximized traffic safety

Given their size, modern commercial vehicles are potentially highly dangerous machines that often drive on narrow, densely parked roads with little room for maneuvering. At night or in winter weather, when cameras may not provide clear images, the risk of accidents is particularly high. Ultrasonic distance sensors warn the driver of fixed or moving obstacles near the vehicle. An acoustic and / or visual warning signal is generated in the driver's cab. Brigade Electronics' latest range of ultrasonic distance sensors was developed using artificial intelligence technology and supported by the University of Cambridge's Knowledge Transfer Partnership. The result - Sidescan®Predict - showed impressive results in extensive tests in 2020.

Sidescan predict kit Sidescan®Predict: Intelligent technology for fewer truck accidents!

The Sidescan®Predict sensor uses AI to continuously record detection data such as the speed and distance of a cyclist or pedestrian in the vicinity. Using this data and an algorithm developed by Brigade, the system then precisely determines the risk of collision. If there is a danger, the driver is alerted and can take appropriate action immediately. Sidescan®Predict is always active, even at speeds below 30 km / h. Most importantly, the warning system is not linked to the turn signal. It is known that some drivers are unsettled by repeated false alarms and then even do without the blinking in order not to trigger alarms, which in turn represents a risk for endangered road users.

6155 Sidescan Predict display Sidescan®Predict: Intelligent technology for fewer truck accidents!

John Osmant, Managing Director of Brigade Elektronik GmbH, commented: "The global pandemic is putting truck drivers under pressure like never before. It is essential that we protect them and other road users and keep supply chains moving without suffering the dire consequences of road accidents."

"Vehicle safety systems represent a quantum leap in accident prevention. Thanks to the rapid advances in AI, we can develop increasingly intelligent systems that do not require extensive driver training."

"As a company, it is our stated goal to ensure zero deaths from collisions with commercial vehicles and construction machinery. We believe that the right technology and driver support will make this possible."

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