Drag racing - with thousands of horsepower to victory

top fuel dragster in the lamborghini dragster race - with thousands of horsepower to victory

Drag racing is a particularly exciting and adrenaline-charged motor sport event that began in the first few years after the Second World War. It was around this time that teenagers in the United States became fashionable to compete in street races with tuned cars. At that time, the vehicles drove off simultaneously at a set of traffic lights and accelerated as quickly as possible to their destination. The first drag racing races were of course absolutely illegal, which is why the participants were often in conflict with the law. Later, however, they were moved to airfields and so held in a legal framework. Today's drag races are not that different from then. Here, too, the goal is to cover a 402,34 m long stretch, known as the drag strip, as quickly as possible with a standing start.

Dragster cars

At races the Professional classes and the upper amateur classes use special cars that have enormous power of up to a few thousand horsepower. Dragsters can be broadly divided into three categories based on the fuel they use: gasoline, methanol, and nitromethane. Their design also changed over the decades. At first it was shaped by the front engine rail. Then the “sling” was presented, with the driver between or behind the rear tires. This design dominated until the mid-1960s.

Plymouth Hemi Cuda dragster e1641902922906 Dragster race - with thousands of horsepower to victory

Then the modern dragster car was introduced in the 1970s. It was three representatives of the dragster that made history - the Dodge Charger, the Plymouth Hemi Cuda and the Chevrolet Camaro Yenko. Don Garlits, a former factory driver at Chevrolet, was the first driver to drive a vehicle designed for drag racing. A woman was there too - Shirley Muldowney became the first woman to compete in a drag racing championship and won four titles.

Drag bikes

Motorcycles also take part in drag racing. Here, too, the goal is to cover the 402-meter distance from a standing start as quickly as possible. The fastest motorcycles can do this in 5,5 seconds and reach speeds of over 400 km / h. The best-known form of motorcycle drag racing is the “Pro Stock Bike” category, followed by “Top Fuel” and “Pro Street”. "Top Fuel" motorcycles are included nitromethane operated and can produce an incredible 1.500 hp. Elmer Trett is considered by many to be the greatest motorcycle drag racer of all time. He managed to cover the drag strip in just 1996 seconds in Indianapolis in 6,06.


NitrOlympX is one of the most famous events among dragster races. Until 2002 it was called Nitrolympics, but was renamed NOX. The race has been held every August since 1986. The place is world famous - the Hockenheimring. Incidentally, what is probably the most famous dragster race owes its name to nitromethane from the “top fuel” class. But the thrill is not always found only on the slopes. You can also enjoy pure excitement at home with the games from Merkur online casino . experience

NitrOlympX Dragster races Dragster races - with thousands of horsepower to victory

Drag racing - a sport with a future

What began as a pastime for occupation soldiers in Great Britain and Germany in 1950 has now established itself as a popular sport. The first cheap and light pre-war models were replaced by real monsters. The “hot stoves”, as they are affectionately known, have been gaining new fans ever since. There are two driver skills that determine victory or defeat in drag racing. On the one hand, the pilot must have lightning-fast reactions. On the other hand, he must also be able to keep the enormous performance under control. No matter how powerful the dragsters of the future will be, these pilot skills will not change.

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