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Exhaust and auto parts - would you prefer enamelling instead of painting?

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Enamelled tailpipes Enamel coating Tuning Exhaust and car parts would you prefer enamelling instead of painting?

The Enamel it concerns the application of one inorganic-oxide coating on glass or metal. The coating is firmly adherent and is applied in more or in only layer, After DIN 50902 it is a glassy-silicate materialwhich on pretreated Metal is applied. For this purpose, several or only one cover layer is melted onto one Basic email upset. So is enamel not just for pots or pans suitable, but it is also used in other areas. Enamel is also suitable wherever exhaust or high Temperatures show the limits of classic paints. And it works on many materials, but the specialization is the coating of Titanium, steel, stainless steel and more Precious metals.

The tailpipes on cars

It's a trend that too tailpipes be optically tuned. When Coating method will the Enamel technology recommended for this as it is strong on the exhaust Exhaust emissions and high temperatures gives. All forms of tailpipes can be coated with it and that with almost all typical materials. The specialization here is also on the coating of Titanium, steel or stainless steel. In careful manual work enamelling is carried out. It starts with the Facial Cleansing, often several follow Coating cycles and in the end there is that Furnace processes and the final check.

Enamelled tailpipes Enamel coating Tuning 1 Do you prefer enamelling instead of painting exhaust and car parts?

The parts of the engine on the car

If on is one of the special skills complex surface shapes enamelling is applied. The surfaces are often high chemical loads or temperatures exposed. With the right experience, however, there is a solution for everything, even if the projects are seemingly unsolvable. A professional company can predict exactly what enamelled can be and what not. All exhaust-gas-carrying parts can actually benefit from enamelling, because all surfaces are created by it more consistent, smoother and visually simply more beautiful. The efficiency of Catalytic converter and turbocharger will even increasedbecause the combustion gases are there thanks to the thermal insulation arrive hotter.

When choosing the enamel, however, care must be taken that it has a high chemical resistance has and for high temperatures also for strong temperature differences is designed. Good enamelling is essential for use suitable in the engine and also for all components close to the engine that Fuel and exhaust gases to lead. However, the prices are very dependent on the complexity and size of the components that are to be coated. Therefore, for the respective project previously as many details as possible to be delivered to the company that is to implement the enamelling.

Motorcycle exhaust systems

Exhaust systems for motorcycles from a wide variety of manufacturers can also do this be coated with enamel afterwards. The year of construction plays a role not matter. It can be about Titan, austenitic stainless steel, Steel or normal Stainless Steel act. Over the years, vendors have developed methods of when surfaces are difficult to enamell, nevertheless one high resistance and adhesion is made possible. Is the coating done correctly, then it lasts forever. In contrast to paints, which are not exposed to high temperatures over a long period of time. A Enamel coating provides completely new possibilities. And they are different Color variations possible those of paints in no way inferior. Often the opposite is the case, because color pigments can be used, which are used in paints not easy to process are.

Enamelled tailpipes Enamel coating Tuning motorcycle Exhausts and car parts Would you prefer enamelling instead of painting?

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Enamelled tailpipes Enamel coating Tuning motorcycle 3 Do you prefer enamelling instead of painting your exhaust and car parts?

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