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The fish sticker on the car and its meaning!

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The fish sticker on the car and its meaning!

Have you ever owned a car with one Fish Stickers noticed and wondered what it means? The two simple arches depicting a fish actually have one deep and historical significance. At first glance, it may seem like just a simple fish, but its origins go as far as 2.000 years return. In the 70s, the symbol experienced a renaissance and it became a well-known sign for followers of a special religion - the Christianity. Christians use the sticker to show their religious affiliation - a silent message to other Christians on the street.

Fish as a symbol of early Christianity!

If we take a trip back in time, we find the origins of the fish symbol in the early Christian era, when Christianity was conquered by the ruling Romans was forbidden. The Romans were polytheists and did not understand the monotheistic nature of Christianity. Christians had to keep their faith secret, and so the fish became a secret symbol of identification. It is said that one person drew the first arc of the fish in the sand and another the second to complete the symbol, thereby secretly revealing their Christian identity. However, it is important to note that concrete historical evidence for this thesis is lacking.

The hidden code: why the fish?

The question remains: Why was the fish chosen as a symbol? There are several theories about this, the most popular relating to the Greek word for fish, IXΘΥΣ (ICHTHYS), which serves as an acronym. Each letter represents a different word:

I: Iēsoûs (Jesus) X (Gr. Chi): Christós (Christ) Θ (Gr. Thita): Theoû (God) Y: Hyiós (son) Σ (Gr. Sigma): Sōtér (Redeemer)

ICHTHYS is combined to “Jesus Christ, Son of God, Redeemer". Since the 70s, the fish symbol has found a permanent place on automobiles around the world and remains a silent mark of identity for Christians to this day. But be careful - when applying the sticker, care should be taken that it does not restrict the field of vision, whether on the front or side window.

The fish sticker on the car and its meaning!

more points on the subject of fish stickers

  1. Legal Aspects: In some countries there are legal regulations regarding the affixing of stickers to cars. It is important to check whether such rules apply in your area before applying a fish decal to the vehicle.
  2. variety of designs: Fish stickers come in a variety of designs and styles. Some show only the simple fish symbol, others have additional text or quotations from the Bible. There are also those that depict the fish symbol along with other Christian symbols, such as the cross.
  3. Use in other contexts: The fish symbol is not just limited to cars. It is also used on other personal belongings such as books, laptops, clothing and jewelry.
  4. Other meanings: While the fish symbol is primarily associated with Christianity, it also has other meanings in different cultures and contexts. In astrology, for example, the fish represents the zodiac sign Pisces.
  5. Variations and Parodies: There are also variations and parodies of the Christian fish symbol used by different groups and movements. An example is the "Darwin fish", which has legs and serves as a symbol for the theory of evolution and atheism.
  6. reactions and controversies: Placing a fish sticker may elicit different responses depending on the religious and cultural diversity in each community or region. It may cause controversy or discussion and should therefore be treated with sensitivity.
  7. durability and maintenance: One aspect that is often overlooked is the durability of the sticker. Decals should be well cared for and renewed as necessary to ensure they continue to look good and get their message across clearly.
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The fish sticker on the car and its meaning!

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The fish sticker on the car and its meaning! 

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The fish sticker on the car and its meaning!

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The fish sticker on the car and its meaning!

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The fish sticker on the car and its meaning!
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