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Illuminated belt buckles for the vehicle! Retrofitting?

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Illuminated belt buckles Illuminated Seatbelt Buckles 3 Illuminated belt buckles for the vehicle! Retrofitting?

Belt buckles and belt buckles that light up are an eye-catcher in every tuning vehicle. The articles are available from a few third-party suppliers and some vehicle manufacturers for a specific vehicle and can be retrofitted for various vehicles. For example, LED seat belt buckles for AUDI vehicles are sold in specialist shops. Illuminated belt buckles and belt locks are discussed in more detail below. Belt buckle elements, also known as seatbelt buckles, are currently available on the market in illuminated versions. Interested tuners can get the eye-catching belt buckles as a retrofit package for various vehicles. However, these buckles are only illuminated to make them easier to find in the dark.

Illuminated belt buckle - what do you mean?

This lighting has no other function. The Skoda plan is different. They recently applied for a patent for illuminated belt buckles. The so-called "Illuminated Seatbelt Buckles" (Belt buckle with status LED lighting) at Skoda in planning. The illuminated elements are intended to make it much easier for the driver, front passenger and passengers in the back seat to buckle up and indicate the status. A buckle with a Status LED is new. The colors are white, red, green and again white. If the lock on the driver's seat is not occupied, the push button on the seat belt lock lights up white. This is to improve visibility. If the seat is occupied, the seatbelt lock lighting changes to red so that you can buckle up. If the lock tongue is in the lock, the lock glows green and after a short time white again. Not a bad idea. Seat belt buckle lighting has been around for a long time. Already the Volvo 480 in its first model year 1986 had lighted seat belt buckles. And that too Lexus LS 400 from 1997 and the Mercedes S-Class had / have illuminated seat belt buckles. Illuminated belt buckles can also be purchased for the AUDI in question. LED belt buckles for AUDI A6 (4A C8) vehicles are available from specialist retailers. So Skoda has not reinvented the illuminated LED belt buckles, but thought ahead.

Retrofitting of illuminated LED belt buckles

Illuminated belt buckles Illuminated Seatbelt Buckles 4 Illuminated belt buckles for the vehicle! Retrofitting?

LED belt buckles are occasionally available in retrofit packages. For example, such a retrofit package can be purchased for the A6 (4A C8, Q7 4M, Q8, e-tron, A7 4K). The LED retrofit enhances the vehicle and offers functional properties at the same time. According to the specialist dealer, the LED belt buckles are easy to retrofit and can be installed by specialists in two to three hours. When buying, you should pay attention to the right vehicle type. As a rule, the chassis number must be given when ordering. The retrofit package of the illuminated LED belt buckles for the A6 is part of the Audi lighting package and therefore OEM accessories. The retrofitting of the illuminated belt buckles / belt locks is possible for the two front seats and the rear bench. The seat belt buckles light up automatically when the vehicle is unlocked and of course they also light up while driving. The brightness can be regulated with the MMI menu item "Cockpit lighting".

LED belt buckles - what to look for when buying?

When buying LED belt buckles, you should definitely pay attention to a retrofit kit suitable for the vehicle. Furthermore, the scope of delivery should be in the product description. A pre-assembled cable set that enables a connection to the vehicle should be available. If you don't just want an illuminated belt buckle for the driver, you should make sure that the scope of delivery also includes belt buckles for the rear seat bench and front passenger. Retrofit kits are available that contain original vehicle seat belt buckles.

Illuminated belt buckles - what properties should they have?

Seat belt locks and belt buckles that are illuminated should, if possible, be available as original vehicle articles for the respective vehicle model. Furthermore, the products should be designed for the respective body shape and have suitable connection options. For example, variants for certain AUDI models are available from specialist dealers. The articles can be purchased for all body shapes and all years of construction of the respective AUDI model. Installation should be as simple as possible and it should be possible for a specialist to carry out the installation. As a rule, the non-illuminated seat belt buckles are simply exchanged for illuminated LED versions. If the original items are installed correctly, they will light up automatically as soon as the vehicle is unlocked (Audi). Variants with adjustable lighting intensity are available in stores. The brightness of the variants mentioned can be dimmed and regulated according to the driver's wishes. No coding work should be necessary when purchasing an illuminated belt buckle.

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Illuminated belt buckles Illuminated Seatbelt Buckles 2 Illuminated belt buckles for the vehicle! Retrofitting?

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