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Luxury cars with integrated iPads - perfect for gaming on the go!

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Tesla Model S convertible tuner Ares Design 10 luxury cars with integrated iPads perfect for gaming on the go!


If you buy a new car these days, you get a whole range of amenities as standard. In the luxury class, however, one more step is taken. In addition to numerous assistance systems that are already included in the price, there is often even a new iPad that is installed in the car. Route planning, listening to music or even here Playing a few real money games during breaks is no longer a problem. Everything is just a touch away.

Special equipment with a bonus

An iPad in the car has many advantages over conventional on-board computers, without sacrificing useful information and tools like that Navigation and route planningto have to do without the display of the average consumption or other car or performance-related information. The corresponding apps from the manufacturer and connectivity apps are also saved on the iPad. For example, the iPad can usually be disconnected without any problems and taken home or to work so that the data is also available there and can be evaluated.

ipad fixed installation auto apps Luxury cars with integrated iPads perfect for gaming on the go!

In addition, it works iPad like a normal Mac. Users can use it to watch films, listen to music, make phone calls or, as I said, play games. Many online casino games such as most slot machines, roulette, blackjack or casino poker can also be tried out in a free fun mode without any obligation. Anyone who registers for the first time and makes a first deposit can often secure a whopping welcome bonus for the games.

The better providers also offer loyalty programs in which players who regularly stop by and do a few bets collect loyalty points that can later be exchanged for cash. The stakes often start with just a few cents per game round. However, there are also offers for high rollers who want to dare a little more.

Live games - be there up close in the mobile casino

Who doesn't dream of being part of a live game show and winning a lot of prizes. This can also be done in the car via the iPad. One of the currently most popular games is Monopoly in the live casino. Players can stream directly to the show. A moderator, who leads through the show, first turns the wheel of fortune.

ipad fixed installation auto apps 2 luxury cars with integrated iPads perfect for gaming on the go!

On this there are numbers from 2 to 10 as well as a few bonus fields. Players can bet on the number at which the pointer stops on the wheel of fortune or on whether the pointer stops at a bonus field. If you bet on the correct number, the stake is multiplied by the corresponding number and paid out as a profit. If the bonus field appears, the game of Monopoly starts, in which an old man with a stick and hat enters a city that is reminiscent of Manhattan.

Practically in Central Park he then stops in front of a large Monopoly board. In the next moment an airship with dice flies in over the playing field and the actual game begins. Depending on the number of eyes rolled, the man then advances on the Monopoly board.

On every field with a street, a train station or a municipal utility there is a profit multiplier, which is used to multiply the stake placed in the basic game. As in the original game, the win multiplier is higher the further the streets are from the starting field. How often the dice are rolled in the bonus round is determined by the number of bonus rounds that appear on the bonus field on the wheel of fortune

Roulette in the car in a completely different way

Also quite new, but no less popular with the fans, is the game Lightning Roulette. This is a mixture of classic roulette and bingo in the live casino, which is also led by a moderator or live dealer. As in normal roulette, players can bet on numbers, red, black, high or low numbers and ranges or on even or odd numbers and make corresponding winnings. In addition, however, there is also a kind of bingo game in each game round in which different numbers are drawn. If the ball then remains on one of the numbers drawn in bingo, winnings of up to 500 times the stake are possible.

New game in the program almost every week

The increasing popularity of real money games on the iPad or mobile phone has ensured that there are more and more providers and games on the market. Practically not a week goes by without some new game on offer. The choice is huge, especially when it comes to slots. Here there are the classic "one-armed bandits" that you know from the corner pub and that have been digitally transferred to an app, modern video slots with often exciting intros and breathtaking bonus games or even progressive jackpots that swell up to several million euros that can be played invite.

Vilner Garage Interior Tuning Tesla Model X 2 luxury cars with integrated iPads perfect for gaming on the go!

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