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Attention tuning lovers: If you want to refine your Mercedes, you don't have to stop at the rims. So the rim tuning is permissible and worth seeing on top of that.

Rim tuning: This is important to note

In general, a lot is allowed, but not everything. There are several conditions that must be met when tuning rims. First commandment: The Mercedes must still be roadworthy. The changes must therefore not impair road safety, either for oneself or for other road users. Second commandment: The tuned Mercedes must not lose its operating permit. In order to avoid a loss, the following conditions must be met:

  • The tire and rim sizes specified in Part I of the registration certificate must fit.
  • The axle load specified in Part I of the registration certificate must not be exceeded.
  • The rims must have an ABE, a General operating permit, feature.

The general operating permit also shows whether a partial certificate is required for the tuned rims. If required, this is issued by testing organizations such as TÜV or DEKRA.

Which rims are best suited for tuning?

Most of the time, alloy wheels are installed in a Mercedes. But steel rims can also be attached in the course of tuning. They are a lot cheaper, but in contrast to their lighter counterparts, they are more focused on functionality than on design. They easily withstand heavy soiling in winter, but persistent moisture and water damage the rust-prone steel. Even if rust film is usually harmless - rusty rims are by no means beautiful. When it comes to tuning, aluminum rims are therefore the first choice: Their diverse design options ensure an optical upgrade. At the same time, they optimize driving dynamics, since their lightness has been proven to reduce fuel consumption while improving acceleration. The only disadvantage: In comparison, aluminum rims are significantly more expensive than steel rims. The costs result from the more complex production, but are usually justified with the satisfactory result.

Steel rims Mercedes Benz

An original Mercedes rim

Red, black, blue, with patterns or with a unique spoke design: there is hardly a rim look that does not exist, because the selection of special rims is almost limitless. Third-party providers in particular have models in their repertoire that are guaranteed to make every tuning heart beat faster. What many do not know: Mercedes itself also offers rims for installation. From sporty AMG rims to decorative but dynamic accessories - the Mercedes rims are original, unique and combine elegance with guaranteed driving safety. A special seal protects the aluminum rims from the weather in winter, while their design is designed to make a particularly chic impression. The good thing: The rims from the manufacturer themselves automatically meet the requirements for the registration certificate. So there is no need to worry about the operating permit. However, the Mercedes range is of course limited to a few visual highlights.

Summary: This is how tuning rims are allowed

Finally, an important note: Failure to carry the ABE with you can lead to a fine. What fines are to be expected for which other types of non-compliance are shown by so-called Fine calculator. In summary, it can finally be stated: All finishes that can lead to an impairment of road safety are not permitted. However, if the rules on road safety and the current standards are observed, nothing stands in the way of tuning the rim.

police control police

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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