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Are you planning to sell your used car? We will tell you with which providers you can resell your car easily and profitably. Sell ​​your used car profitably with our tips! Use various Internet portals such as, or to sell your old car with little effort. The following options usually exist:

  • Create an ad for a private sale

On and on you can place an ad quickly and sometimes even free of charge, which interested parties can then contact you about.

  • Make an appointment for a direct purchase

On all three platforms you will also receive support for the administrative steps involved in selling a car to dealers. In this case, your vehicle will be checked in advance by specialists, but this costs some money, since the dealer naturally wants to earn something from the purchase. On the other hand, this variant is safer than a private sale because the sale is made through a reputable institution. As described above, you can also place a private ad on to sell your used car. Alternatively, you can also decide to sell directly through one of the purchasing partners.

The private sale on Autoscout24!

Create an ad on Autoscout24 in no time at all to get the best possible price. To do this, you simply enter the data of your vehicle, such as mileage, year of construction, brand and equipment. You will then receive a free price range from Autoscout24, within which the value of your vehicle varies presumably emotional. This will give you a realistic estimate of the selling price of your vehicle. Potential buyers can then contact you directly via e-mail or telephone after the advertisement has been completed.

Direct sales on Autoscout24!

The second option for selling used cars on is the direct sale. After entering all the relevant data for the used car, you will first receive a non-binding offer. You can then make an appointment online with an Autoscout24 purchasing partner in your area. This checks your used car for a precise value calculation. If you agree to the offer, you can complete the sale within 24 hours. The money will either be paid to you in cash or transferred. The vehicle deregistration, insurance and trade-in are taken over by the purchasing partner.

Used car sales via – also offers two sales options on its homepage!

The private sale on!

Create a classic ad and, based on all the information on here, get an orientation as to the price range for your car. In response to the ad, you will also receive offers from interested parties with whom you can make an appointment. Although the advertisement is basically free of charge, in addition to the free variant, you are also offered publication under better conditions for an additional charge. This should make it easier for potential buyers to see your ad. info: Vehicles with a value of 30.000 euros or more can only be advertised for a fee. (min. 8 € / as of 04.2022)

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Direct sales on!

If you don't want to spend any money on a private ad or generally don't want to sell your vehicle yourself, you can also make an appointment at a purchasing station on The platform quickly offers you timely appointments with various dealers in your area, which can also be a little further away depending on where you live. At the appointment, your used car will be checked by an appraiser, so that you will receive an offer within about 1 hour. The purchasing partner can buy your used car directly from you for this price and take care of the deregistration. You can even offer a broken down car with serious accident damage or gearbox and engine damage via the platform.

Sell ​​used car via!

The website describes itself as Germany's largest car buyer with more than 130 locations. So it is not a platform with advertisements for private individuals, but your car will be appraised by an expert and can then be bought at an agreed price

The process is similar to the purchase offers of the other platforms:

  • After a free online assessment you make an appointment. An expert on site estimates again Toll-free your vehicle, which takes about 30 minutes to an hour. You will then receive the final purchase price, which is valid for one week. If you are interested, you enter into a sales contract with The money will be transferred immediately. Here, too, the buyer or buyers take care of the vehicle deregistration and any payment if the car is still financed.

The advantages:

  • This platform has a large reach primarily in western Germany, especially in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia. The buying stations are often easy to reach by public transport, so you can easily get home after the sale. In contrast to the other platforms presented, you can think about the offer for seven days.

What you should pay attention to when selling a used car!

Would you like your used car if possible sell profitably, it is advisable to create an advertisement for sale to a private individual. However, this comes with some risks. The following tips will help you with a private sale. This is the most professional way to advertise:

  • Expressive photos are crucial for an advertisement on the Internet.
  • Drive your clean car into a large area and make sure there is good lighting and sunshine if possible.
  • Take as many photos as possible from all sides, including the engine and the interior, and write a short but meaningful description.
  • The more you go into the equipment, the higher the authenticity of your vehicle. Of course, you should also mention flaws and state when the last workshop repair and the last MOT took place.
  • With a fresh TÜV you increase the sales chances.

Car buying center

Tip: You minimize risks for yourself when you sell to a Car buying center. Especially if the vehicle is a bit older. Special buying stations for used cars for export focus on the purchase of used cars, off-road vehicles, company cars and defective vehicles as well as vehicles with a high mileage. Such a Car purchase for export makes it possible to sell the old used vehicle at good prices even if there are not many buyers in this country.

Here are a few more tips to help you get more!

Correct behavior at a potential purchase date:

  • For potential buyers, the first thing that matters is the look, which is why your car should look well-kept inside and out when you come to see it. Therefore, carry out a thorough cleaning and car wash and make sure that the rims and edges are clean when the doors are open.
  • Remove dirt from the interior of your car with a vacuum cleaner and clean both the windows and the dashboard with special cleaning products.
  • The engine should also leave a clean impression.
  • Make sure that you answer all questions to the potential buyer truthfully and don't leave out any flaws in the car.
  • Before selling the car, you should deregister the used car so that you are not liable with your insurance or with a fine for the buyer.
  • Ask your car insurance company whether a test drive is possible for the prospective buyer. Have your driver's license shown to you beforehand and it's best to come along. The license plate is ideally a short-term license plate.

Tips for a successful sale!

Make sure you have a witness present during the sale to be better prepared for any possible disagreements. Don't engage in price reduction attempts unless you've factored them in. In the event of aggressiveness on the part of the potential buyer, we advise breaking off the meeting. If you have found a serious prospect, you can conclude the purchase contract directly on the spot. If a cash payment is made, you should check directly on site whether everything is correct. Only hand over the keys and papers to the new owner after full payment has been made. This procedure is often for older vehicles for the Auto Export common.

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