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Cool tips for hot days - car trips in midsummer

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The summer weather really turns up the next few days. All signs stand up Heat and temperatures of around 30 degrees Celsius. But in addition to outdoor pool fun and beer garden, the summer weather also brings with it some dangers, especially when driving. The car heats in the summer like a sauna in no time. Especially the big one Windshield offers the sun a lot of space and lets a lot of heat into the vehicle interior. Up to 60 degrees can be reached quickly inside the vehicle, even if it is actually "only" a pleasant 25 degrees Celsius outside. Therefore, the windshield should be used during breaks and when the vehicle is parked be covered with a film. The same foils that serve as frost protection in winter are ideal for this. So double the benefit!

Plan long trips in the summer beforehand

Long car journeys are particularly good in midsummer prepare. In addition to choosing the best route, the vehicle should also be prepared for the high temperatures. Before starting the journey, it is important to have the vehicle interior well ventilate, Also the Air conditioning and ventilation should generally not run in recirculation mode for too long. Otherwise there is a risk of dry air and a lack of oxygen.

ReRun motorhome based on Chevrolet C30 is being sold 14 cool tips for hot days Driving in the car in midsummer

Extreme temperatures also mean extreme stresses on tire pressure

In addition to the vehicle interior with particularly high temperatures, there is also a risk of tire pressure in summer. Because in summer are above all Punctures the second most common cause of breakdowns. Because above all low tire pressure is dangerous here. Because if the air pressure in the tire is too low, it has a larger contact surface on the burning hot asphalt. This means that the tire heats up more quickly and overheating can damage the tire. In addition to the tires, the summer heat is also a threat to the road surface on which the tires are supposed to move the vehicle safely.

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Road closures in summer, extreme temperatures are no longer uncommon. The great danger in the heat is in the so-called Blow-ups with concrete roadways. The heat expands the concrete until cracks and entire holes appear. This phenomenon does not occur on asphalt roads. Therefore, it is more likely to affect old roads and highways. Nevertheless, blow-ups are dangerous for motorists and especially for motorcyclists.

Keep an eye on the vehicle's fluid levels in summer (including winter)

The times of steaming coolers in midsummer are long gone. Because that coolant is located in a closed system and can therefore can not be evaporate or evaporate. However increases in the summer of Oil consumption of the motor. Because the engine oil is used for cooling in addition to the lubricating effect. In addition, the fuel tank should never be filled up in extreme heat. Also Reserve canister should not necessarily be taken filled up in midsummer. Because fuel expands significantly in the high temperatures in summer. This also increases the Risk of fire and explosion

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The most important fluid in a vehicle in summer is and will remain that water. In the form of bottles. It serves as a thirst quencher for people and animals in hot weather and can also help the vehicle in an emergency. It should be important silent Waters be. Because if the engine overheats, water can be refilled quickly with it. And in a pinch, it also helps if that Washer fluid is coming to an end.

Vehicle battery and extreme heat - maximum performance for the battery

Even in summer, drivers mostly stay because of it Battery damage lie! A joke, many think now, but no. Battery damage is not just in winter, but also in summer at extreme temperatures Breakdown reason number one. In addition to the cold, extreme heat also causes a battery discharges quickly. If a vehicle is parked for a long time in summer, it simply helps to save the battery to disconnect. Especially E-car driver should pay attention to the battery in summer.

Car battery switch emergency stop dead switch tuning 5 cool tips for hot days Driving in midsummer

Because this also discharges faster at high temperatures. A battery killer for e-cars: the air conditioner! E-cars should also not necessarily be parked on asphalt in extreme heat. The asphalt is so heated that the whole vehicle continues to heat up even though it is parked. Alternatively, if possible, on gravel or a Meadow park when the thermometer reads beyond 30 degrees. But watch out for a fire hazard from the hot exhaust! 

Very important - do not leave children or animals in the car!

Midsummer becomes particularly critical when small children or animals are left in a vehicle. As mentioned above, the vehicle interior quickly becomes a sauna. It is therefore quick Danger to life for child and animal. For dogs, just taking a ride in the car is pure stress in summer. Because, unlike us humans, dogs do not cool off by sweating their skin.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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