What is a misfire and what is a misfire?

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Misfire backfire misfire tuning What is a misfire or what is a misfire?

What are actually Misfires? Misfires are a noisy Pop the exhaust systemthat is popular among many vehicle enthusiasts. In English misfires are also called "misfire"Or"backfire designated. Usually, misfire is understood to mean the ignition of the prepared mixture in the exhaust. This happens because unburned fuel gets through the exhaust valve in the engine into the exhaust system and burns there with an explosion. This creates the already mentioned popping in the exhaust.

How do misfires come about?

There are several ways in which misfire can occur. Probably the most common cause is that the fuel is just starting after the combustion chamber is burned. If an internal combustion engine misfires, there was no ignition of the mixture in the combustion chamber due to a lack of ignition spark.

Backfire misfire tuning defective spark plug e1625212262236 What is a misfire or what is a misfire?

This can be done by defective spark plugs to be triggered. Without the spark the spark plug can use the air-fuel mixture not be ignited and is then pushed out of the combustion chamber into the exhaust gas tract in the last stroke of the cycle. There it is ignited by the prevailing heat and there is an explosion that triggers the bang.

wrong ratio between air and fuel

Another cause of misfire is improper air / fuel ratio. So it can be with a too high amount come to air so that the mixture is not ignited. We are then talking about a “lean” mixture. The fuel that is not ignited can also get into the exhaust system and ignite there due to the heat. The air required for this can flow in through holes in the exhaust. It does not matter whether the holes were made intentionally or ignorantly.

too much fuel

Can also be a too much fuel lead to incomplete combustion, which can also lead to fuel in the exhaust and ignite. If there is an oversupply of fuel, one speaks of a “rich” mixture. Especially in older vehicles with internal combustion engines, the wrong ratio can lead to unburned amounts of fuel and air in the exhaust gases, which can then lead to ignition through contact with the hot exhaust system. Often these vehicles have a carburetor for mixture preparation. Nowadays the mixture is processed by a so-called Lambda probe monitors, which measures the proportion of unburned fuel and air and then passes this on to the injection system via the engine management system. There the ratio of the mixture is constantly optimized and adjusted.

Misfires backfire misfire tuning 2 What is a misfire and what is a misfire?

Another possible cause of a misfire and the resulting noise is the burning of Fuel in the combustion chamber of the motor. This is caused by the incorrect setting of the Ignition timing. When the ignition timing too early is set, the spark plug will spark before the inlet valve can close. This allows the burns to spread into the intake manifold, which in turn can lead to further combustion of the mixture. The resulting explosion flows out of the carburetor, the injection system or the air filter and generates a loud bang.

When the ignition timing zu spät is set, the exhaust valve opens before the ignition is complete and the mixture can ignite in the hot exhaust tract, as explained above. In motorsport and especially in rally vehicles, misfires are common because these vehicles should not the gear is changed with the clutch, but ignition interrupters are used. The point behind this is that the crankshaft and transmission are briefly not stressed and the gear can be changed during this short process. Fuel that has not been ignited also gets into the hot exhaust tract and often burns there with an audible bang that is noticeable when changing gear. In contrast to road vehicles, their exhaust systems are designed for such loads.

Can misfires be caused on purpose?

Normally, and especially with new vehicles, unignited fuel no longer gets into the exhaust. As explained above, this is achieved by the engine control and the lambda probe, which constantly optimizes and monitors the ratio of the mixture. Misfires can also be distinguished from other noises such as a “babble” or “bubbling”. Such noises often arise in powerful vehicles, regardless of whether they are cars or motorcycles. Such noises are triggered by engines with a large cubic capacity and matching exhaust systems. At a relatively normal vehicle can misfire caused by a Modification of the ignition system be evoked. However, this can damage the engine and the exhaust system. Changes to the catalytic converter can also lead to a “pop”. Such changes are however not recommendable, as they lead to the expiry of the vehicle's operating license and result in a ban on use.

Another problem with such a change on the Kat is that it is the unanimous opinion tax evasion acts if this has not been accepted by a testing organization. However, such a change is likely not to be accepted in the first place. The result is that the tax office intervenes and opens tax proceedings. The reason is that the vehicle is changing Do NOT spread pesto on this layer! is in the approved pollutant class, which was determined when calculating the vehicle tax.

Does that count as tax evasion according to Section 370 of the Tax Code (AO)? Due to the change in the emission class, the vehicle tax was too low. Such a crime could be costly and punishable by imprisonment of up to five years or even 10 years in serious cases. But how is that exactly? If, as is often claimed, one commits one directly tax evasion? Here is the answer! A special exhaust system is conceivable and more elegant, but the costs for it are high and acceptance is not guaranteed. And misfires are only possible with gasoline engines, since diesel engines no spark plugs to have. If you really want the popping soundscape in the vehicle, you should read our article on the topic of "Crass exhaust sound by means of overrun fuel cutoff“Read through.

Overrun fuel cutoff Overrun bump tuning 2 What is a misfire or what is a misfire?

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