Is Driving Without a Catalyst Tax Evasion?

Police control sign cordoning off Is driving without a catalyst tax evasion?

A question that comes up again and again: Is driving without a Kat / DPF / OPF tax evasion? We too have already discussed the problem in some of our posts, such as on the subject Misfires, EGR deactivation, KAT dummy or in the article on Remove the OPF reported and often referred to a "Tax evasion according to § 370 Tax Code" based. Why? Because it was common opinion and we believed the myth blindly without questioning it. Sorry at this point! Because it's that simple should not! We recently had the experience from a conversation with one of our readers that the statement "Driving without a catalytic converter is tax evasion" flat-rate should not can be taken. The team at explains why that is so CFD GmbH (Carbon Fiber Dynamics) very understandable in the following video. And in addition, one has to say "Driving without a Kat has one closure result" accepted.

Driving without a cat = tax evasion?

With the kind permission of CFD GmbH quote we from the blog post of the tuner from May 20.05.2020th, XNUMX, analogous to the video, the statements of the authorities, and also refer to the corresponding links. However, you are only interested in that Summary, then you jump with one click here to the right one FAQ position in the post!

KAT replacement pipe dummy intermediate pipe alternative tuning e1596709555960 Is driving without a catalytic converter tax evasion?

Please consider: we and also CFD GmbH give no legal advice! Therefore our advice - the following information is free for you and no legal advice. If legal advice is required, please contact a specialist lawyer. Yes, now to the subject! Is driving without a catalytic converter tax evasion and will also be the vehicle shut down?

Our FAQ gives the answers!

  • Is it a criminal offense to drive without a catalyst for tax evasion?
    - No. (Stand 2021)
  • Is the vehicle tax assessed on my own car?
    - No. It is measured by the manufacturer on the homologation model.
  • Who is responsible for collecting vehicle tax?
    - before 2014 the tax offices of the federal states
    - since 2014 the customs
  • Do customs have their own punishment?
    - JA.
  • Do customs follow a possible procedure?
    - JA.
  • If there is suspicion of a catalytic converter manipulation, is the vehicle immediately secured?
    - No. If it is possible to have the vehicle checked immediately.
    - JA. When the vehicle over 109 DB (incl. 5 DB correction factor) and there is also no possibility of immediate assessment by an expert.
  • What is the penalty for driving without emission control?
    - The vehicle must be taken to an expert.
    - If the Kat is missing or defective, this is considered to be gross or even as more dangerous Lack.
    - Depending on the classification can use the vehicle in the test center be prohibited.
    - Re-performance from the vehicle must be within 30 days happen.
    - As of 2020, the penalty for manipulation is 90€. (there is no point)
    - If the driver is not the owner, as of 2020, 135€ due in the event of manipulation. (there is no point)
  • Can the penalty be higher?
    - JA. Have you ever noticed illegal modifications to the vehicle, or are there other major defects (unregistered chip tuning etc.) present on the car, then can the fine office the penalty set individually. (including points, driving ban, driving license withdrawal, etc.)
  • What happens if the vehicle is not presented again?
    - The admissions office "can" the vehicle shut down.

Legal changes to the catalytic converter possible?

In normal cases, illegal changes are made to the exhaust gas cleaning system in order to prevent a performance increase to reach. However, this does not necessarily mean that the catalytic converter must be removed. An alternative is something like a Racing cat with ABE (General operating permit) / with EC /ECE-Permit. In combination with a Chiptuning, one approved Sports exhaust system as well as a Sportluftfilter a significant increase in performance can legally be achieved. Well-known providers sell the components mentioned with papers for registration both individually as well as in Combination.

At the end... Driving without a catalytic converter leads (as of 2021) should not A tax evasion case and a shutdown on the spot is also unlikely. At the same time, however, such illegal conversions lead to the tuning scene becoming one bad reputation Erhält. So stay clean and modify your vehicle ONLY legally!

Rasser Tacho Is driving without a catalyst tax evasion?

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