EU driving license: first exchange deadlines will expire soon!

At the moment there seems to be a hurry Exchange deadlines for the driver's license not required. Because the old driver's licenses in Germany only have to be changed to the new one by 2033 EU driving license be exchanged. Since this, however, partly staggered deadlines are valid, it may soon become scarce for older driver's license holders. Although the introduction of the EU driving license does not have to be completed until 2033, primarily older drivers have to hurry to exchange them. The first deadline is January 19, 2022. This means that the holders of older driver's licenses who were born between 1953 and 1958 are left with only one two months. For those born between 1959 and 1964 (deadline until January 19, 2023), the time is already relatively short. Most road traffic authorities are not prepared for the current onslaught. Therefore, many authorities refer to the on their websites Deadline in 2033 and make the owners believe that they can wait that long.

Driving licenses issued up to and including December 31.12.1998, XNUMX:

  • Year of birth before 1953 -> Exchange until 19.1.2033
  • Year of birth 1953 – 1958 -> Exchange until 19.1.2022
  • Year of birth 1959 – 1964 -> Exchange until 19.1.2023
  • Year of birth 1965 – 1970 -> Exchange until 19.1.2024
  • Year of birth 1971 or later -> Exchange until 19.1.2025

Driving licenses issued from 01.01.1999 *:

  • Issue year 1999 up to 2001 -> Exchange until 19.1.2026
  • Issue year 2002 up to 2004 -> Exchange until 19.1.2027
  • Issue year 2005 up to 2007 -> Exchange until 19.1.2028
  • Issue year 2008 -> Exchange until 19.1.2029
  • Issue year 2009 -> Exchange until 19.1.2030
  • Issue year 2010 -> Exchange until 19.1.2031
  • Issue year 2011 -> Exchange until 19.1.2032
  • Issue year 2012 up to 18.1.2013 -> Exchange until 19.1.2033

Driving license holders born before 1953 must exchange their driving license by 19/01.2033/XNUMX, regardless of the year of issue.

The EU driving license must be all 15 years to be renewed. Since this effort is exorbitantly high and a total of around 43 million driving licenses that were issued before January 19, 2013 are renewed in Germany alone, the exchange will only take place gradually. The basis for this is the third EU directive for driving licenses. The aim is to ensure that all driving licenses available in the EU receive a forgery-proof and uniform model. This exchange costs according to the information about 25 euros. And a biometric passport photo is required for this. If you forget to renew your driver's license, you have to pay a fine of ten euros calculate. What's new about the EU driving license is that it has to be renewed after 15 years. This prevents counterfeiting. An examination of the fitness to drive or a medical examination are with the application not necessary.

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  1. says: Miro

    EU driving license: exchange YES — NO

    According to Directive 2006/126/EG OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND THE COUNCIL

    dated December 20, 2006
    about the driver's license (new version)
    ( Text with EEA relevance )

    Article 13

    1. Member States shall lay down after approval by the Commission
    the equivalences between before the date of implementation
    driving licenses acquired under this guideline and the classes in
    as defined in Article 4.

    After consulting the Commission, the Member States are aware of the
    necessary for the application of Article 11 paragraphs 4, 5 and 6
    Make adjustments to their domestic regulations.

    2. A driver's license issued before January 19, 2013 may be
    of the provisions of this Policy shall not be revoked or in any way
    way be restricted.

    EC is the forerunner of EU

    Apart from the EU, no STATE is just a community of STATES !!
    Therefore must not bring out any laws !!

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