Mark the company parking lot - what should be considered?


The car is "the German's favorite child”. You can often see this in parking lots on company premises, which are always full and hardly offer any space for proper parking. This can be remedied by marking company parking spaces. However, we have summarized what you should pay attention to in the following article.

Mark parking space Template for marking company parking space What should be observed?
Stencils are ideal for marking and assigning parking spaces.

Which legal regulations apply to a company car park?

Since company premises are private and not public, the road traffic regulations (StVO) do not necessarily apply there. However, the law on damages according to § 823 BGB and the technical rules for workplaces apply. In particular, however, the occupational safety guideline A1.8 and the garage and parking space ordinance (GaVO) of the respective region.

How can you mark the parking lot?

In order to create order with regard to the parking spaces on company premises, markings should have the following properties. They should be clearly visible, waterproof, abrasion-resistant, quick-drying and evenly applied. For the delimitation of the floor space asphalt paint is suitable. This allows you to draw in parking spaces individually, quickly and durably. Furthermore, you can work with different marking colors, which are particularly abrasion-resistant, and with reflective powder, which ensures better visibility in the dark.

stencils are great for that Marking of reserved parking spaces z. B. by a symbol, a lettering, the license plate or a simple parking lot number. There are also symbols for wheelchair users or instructions such as “customer” or “reserved” etc. At this point, spray stencils made of plastic, zinc sheet or cardboard and spray paint are often used to get a clean result.

Are certain colors required?
As already mentioned, company premises are private property, so you are basically free to choose the color. However, it is worth taking into account the behavior patterns that have been learned by road users, since the markings of parking lots and driveways are then immediately recognized as such and respected.

Parking lot markings on gravel
If you want to mark on gravel, it is best to use color sprays or chalk marking sprays, the latter disappearing after a while. These temporary services are suitable for one-off events or the like.

Road marking symbols
Since many symbols are well known and understandable, they attract attention and are therefore well suited for marking parking lots, driveways and lane markings.

Marking nails and plates
Often the parking areas in city centers or old town areas with cobblestones are marked by marking nails or plates. They are firmly anchored in the ground and are equipped with reflectors. They also protrude slightly from the ground and thus have a traffic-calming effect.

How big does a parking lot have to be?

At this point you should first check whether there is a Parking space regulation gives. If so, the required number of parking spaces varies depending on the use and size of the building (s) from region to region. In general, parking spaces should be planned as spaciously as possible. The golden mean here lies between quantity and comfort. There is no nationwide standard for this, but the recommendation for systems for stationary traffic, which suggests a width of 2,50 m for standard parking spaces.

Because one must not forget that while the VW Golf in 1974 was still a modest width of 1,61 m, it looks different nowadays. The sixth generation is 1,78 m wide, although this is still a somewhat “smaller” car, if we think of the numerous SUVs and family vans.


If you want to mark parking spaces on your company premises, you definitely make a benevolent decision towards the employees and also ensure order. Since the property is private, the StVO does not necessarily apply, but rules for workplaces and occupational safety guidelines etc. should not be disregarded. In addition, the parking spaces for today's cars should be large or wide enough. Stencils are often used for the markings themselves, as they are excellent for numbers, letters, entire texts and much more can mark.

Mark parking space Template 1 Mark company parking space What should be observed?

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