Optimized vehicle painting with warm nitrogen!

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Painting your car yourself, masking off parts e1627551947804 Optimized vehicle painting with warm nitrogen!

In order to achieve the best results when applying vehicle paint, several circumstances must be right at the same time. A big factor in this is that Airwhich carries the individual particles of the paint. What is not new is that heat changes the particles in the paint, so that the paint film besser is pronounced. The so-called "ionization“The air already in industrial painting. Corresponding technologies are built into many devices. The reason is that this attracts fewer dust particles and creates less paint mist. What is relatively new, however, is the approach of filtering the nitrogen from the normal air and using it as a paint carrier instead of the usual ambient air mix. Three methods of pretreatment of the air are, for example, in the "Nitrotherm spray“System connected, which nitrogen from the room air filters out, heated, ionized and directs it directly into the spray gun.

massive material savings

Paint car paint yourself e1627551718124 Optimized vehicle painting with warm nitrogen!

In Germany and Austria, the Nitrotherm spray is offered by Kamatec. This is the case in many specialist companies Nitrotherm spray used since then, after the product went on sale in May 2017. There is something like that here Nitro master, the smallest unit that supplies a combination booth with gun air. The particular added value is the saving of material and there is less paint mist. This applies to both the basecoat and the clearcoat. There is simply a lot less overspray and the times for flashing off and drying are even shorter. Why? Because the varnishes are already applied heated to about 30 degrees.

only slight adjustments are necessary

When painting, the system is a bit strange at first because it less noise and hardly any fog forms, but you get used to it quickly. But why is it like that? Air flows slower as pure nitrogen, therefore the gun pressure is applied when applying paint reduces. The low pressure of the spray gun results in "a softer painting", Without turbulence. And thanks to the compact spray jet, that is even possible Painting in lighter.

The three cornerstones of the Nitrotherm system:

  • Carrier is nitrogen: Nitrogen is used as the particle carrier. Chemically, nitrogen is considered to be an inert gas. As a result, connections with dust particles are hardly possible. Air molecules are larger than nitrogen molecules and also lighter, so that - without changing the pressure - the speed of the outflow is around a third higher. With the Nitrotherm spray, painting is done with reduced pressure so that less paint mist can form.
  • Ionization: Filtered nitrogen can be optimally ionized, in contrast to normal room air. During ionization, depending on the static charge of the object to be painted, a negative or positive charge set of particles. A better result is obtained because there are hardly any inclusions of the dust particles. This means that less rework is required.

  • Heating: The nitrogen that has been ionized is not heated until the last section. And that means that the heat is only added in the hose that leads to the spray gun. As a result, the liquid state of the material is reduced. The warm material also takes a quarter less time to dry and ventilate.

Kamatec has been selling the "Nitrotherm-Spray" system since May 2017. Two or only one cabin, jointly or alternately, can be supplied with nitrogen filtered from the air, as the system has several device sizes.

Of course, that wasn't the end of it!

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