How often does the particle filter burn free? Can I do this manually too?

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Particle filter DPF Diesel filter tuning 2 e1572350751373 How often does the particle filter burn freely? Can I do this manually too?

The driving profile tells you when and how often a particulate filter is used run free must and whether you as a driver even notice anything of it. In the engine arises in the internal combustion engine soot. He sits down in the particulate Filter from. To avoid the filter from constantly clogging, the remaining soot should reduced become. This happens when it is burned to ashes. It remains in the filter until the respective Loading limit was achieved. Usually this is at about 200.000 km Mileage the case. However, when driving longer distances with high and steady speeds, the km performance becomes more frequent exceeded. And the engine can also be decisive. A large engine that generates a lot of heat is more effective in this regard than a small 3-cylinder that can barely burn the soot. For regeneration, the filter requires temperatures of about 600 ° Cso that the soot is burned to ashes.

several ways to burn

Various options are available for this. A passive regeneration in normal operation takes place by reaching the temperature or the use of a catalyst, which also increases the exhaust gas temperature. With this type of regeneration, the driver notices nothingbecause it takes place automatically during long-haul operation.

Diesel particulate filter DPF cleaning indicator How often does the particulate filter burn freely? Can I do this manually too?

It looks different with one active regeneration out. It is initiated automatically by the vehicle via the engine control (every 500 to 1000 km). With the help of a Multiple fuel injection it comes to Increase in exhaust gas temperature and fuel consumption. If the particulate filter is clogged or full, it will drop even with poor performance higher fuel consumption at. Excessive clogging can cause the vehicle to fall into a Emergency run transforms. The engine could also be complete the versag.

active regeneration needs speed

With active regeneration, a low speed can be used in city traffic should not the desired exhaust gas temperature can be reached in the filter. As a result, the filter forms an increasingly thick one Filter contaminationso that it could become completely clogged. As soon as the DPF lamp lights up for the first time, which is installed in newer vehicles, can a Particle filter regeneration run help. But here is for a longer period of time a consistently high speed is required, which supports the particle filter regeneration.

Unsuccessful: what could happen?

Even if after several attempts the particle filter burns free in the vehicle should not was successful, (by aborting the regeneration by parking the vehicle or by falling below the required temperature again or by driving slowly and slowly in a traffic jam or traffic jam) it can happen that a vehicle has a higher fuel consumption or other damage occurs.

These include, among other things Engine damage or turbo damage, which can occur due to high exhaust gas back pressure or a significantly higher temperature rise. In the worst case it can happen that the vehicle starts to brennan.

Burning off with software?

Was the vehicle with active particle filter indicator light Driven for too long a period of time without proper combustion / cleaning taking place, the car may be damaged permanent goes and stays in the emergency program and no engine power more is available. Then only systems like VCDS or professional workshop. There is then the option of starting a manual process for burning free via the software.

Cleaning the DPF diesel particulate filter How often does the particulate filter burn free? Can I do this manually too?

The particulate filter emergency regeneration should should not to be done by a layman what As a general rule applies to diagnosis and coding work. And also the Forced regeneration is not always possible. Is the diesel particulate filter with soot überfüllt, then the forced regeneration is activated for safety reasons should not more allowed by the control unit. The reason is the ability to thermal overload. Some vehicles can carry out the forced regeneration while stationary and some only while driving.

What to do if the free run didn't work?

Can get a diesel vehicle no longer himself can clean Replacement of the particle filter or professional cleaning Take remedial action. Many particle filters contain valuable resources such as precious metals. Such particle filters therefore quickly cost 1.000 euros or more. And sometimes even two filters are installed. Replacing a particulate filter is usually no longer worthwhile in an older vehicle. It is also not always necessary to replace the filter or use up valuable resources. With a professional cleaning can partially even the New condition of the filter can be restored.

Diesel particle filter DPF cleaning instructions How often does the particle filter burn freely? Can I do this manually too?

Many companies use one method of doing this, the particulate filter is cleaned thoroughly and gently without to separate the housing. This means that the value from the particle filter is retained. There is also no other component change that could have a negative effect on the mode of operation and service life of the particle filter, such as rusting weld seams.

If both filter surfaces of a filter are completely accessible, as is the case with commercial vehicles, for example, a CO2 blasting process can be used for cleaning the soot particle filter. If another filter is used, ash, soot and oil ash residues can be removed with the help of a special one Active ingredient component used to clean the filter. It is usually not poisonous. The filter should then be dried gently. The success of the cleaning is noted in a test report, which is made available to the customer after cleaning.

Diesel particle filter cleaning DPF instructions 3 e1622808211235 How often does the particle filter burn freely? Can I do this manually too?

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