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Replacing and tuning tires: What do I have to pay attention to? 

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Replacing and tuning tires: What do I have to pay attention to?

Theoretically, tuning fans have no limits to their creativity, but in practice there are still limits in the form of legal regulations. While you can tune all parts of a vehicle, the lower part of the car usually deserves special attention - and therefore also the rims, tires and substructure.

The idea must be followed by an objective examination

There are plenty of ideas for tuning, but with every idea you first have to check whether it can be implemented in practice and whether the vehicle can then be used on public roads. For many tuning measures, a report is therefore irreplaceable; the vehicle is approved, for example, by the TÜV and comparable companies with certification, such as DEKRA. The report is then sent to the licensing authority, where all changes are officially recorded. Only then can the car roll back onto the road without risking severe penalties.

Replacing and tuning tires: What do I have to pay attention to?

Tires and rims are good options for influencing both the appearance and, at least to some extent, the driving behavior. For obvious reasons, the first thing to consider is what kind of tires you are actually looking for: summer, winter or All season tires? If you only drive your tuned vehicle in the summer or attend tuning fan meetings, you can sometimes only get by with one set of summer tires; everyone else should have separate sets or go straight for all-season tires.

The tire dimensions and the speed index must also be taken into account when making your selection. Typically, tuning fans pay less attention to the price and more to the quality - tire sets from renowned manufacturers, especially those that are closely rooted in the tuning scene, are often preferred.

Consider tuning acceptance conditions early on

The MOT South provides information about the basic requirements that a tuned vehicle must comply with. These include minimum heights and ground clearance requirements, and the clearance of the tires is also essential. To protect your own safety, it is advisable to have such tuning measures implemented by a specialist. While the car is in good hands and is being converted according to their own ideas, vehicle owners can have one Obtain a replacement workshop vehicle and drive. This has two advantages: unrestricted mobility is still guaranteed, and there is no unnecessary time pressure on the specialist who implements the tuning measures.

Replacing and tuning tires: What do I have to pay attention to?

What threatens unlicensed tuned vehicles?

Anyone who is stopped in traffic with their tuned vehicle but does not have the necessary permits will, in the worst case scenario, lose their driver's license. Furthermore, such violations are punished with up to three points in Flensburg and potentially high fines. Last but not least, DIY tuners who are not licensed risk both their own safety and that of all other road users.

If you want to bring your vehicle into shape, you should comply with the legal framework, choose high-quality products, go through the necessary tests and also have the work carried out by a professional. It should also be borne in mind that much stricter regulations apply to tires and rims in Germany. Spiked rims, such as these, are often seen in Las Vegas, but are definitely not legal on German roads.

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Replacing and tuning tires: What do I have to pay attention to? 

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Replacing and tuning tires: What do I have to pay attention to?
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